THEE most beautiful place on EARTH!!!!

HI FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness it is sooooooo good to email you guys!!! Thank you all sooo much for your emails this week! The internet times out and all my emails won’t be sent if I don’t get them done so sorry if I don’t have time to respond to anyone after this family email but just know that I am SO grateful for all your emails! I got one from grams, Ty, a couple from lands, Jo, kayla, and mom and dad! Thank you everybody!

Okay so guess what??? I AM ON A MISSION!!! soooo weird!!! man oh man I don’t even know where to begin. So I guess my first day!

When we (all 30 of us) got off the plane, our mission president and his wife were there to pick us up! THEY ARE THE BEST!!! They are totally like parents to us. I am so grateful to have them as my mission presidents! They studied all of our profiles before we got there so they already knew everything about all of us! They knew who I was and everything about me! It was so cute 🙂 so then we went to a church house in Tacoma and everyone from the whole mission was there! Our president has everyone get together each transfer (every 6 weeks) for a transfer meeting and to get our new companions! I don’t think they do that in every mission so it was way cool! It literally felt like I had arrived at the Celestial Kingdom! The spirit was so strong, stronger than I have even felt!  The church is true! So then I got my new companion 🙂 Her name is SISTER ESPLIN! She is from Springville and she is the BEST! Wow I am so lucky! we are like best friends already! she is weird like me so we are always weirdos together and having tons of fun:) she is my trainer and my mama of the mission! she is such a good trainer! I am in an area called LACEY WASHINGTON. It is soooooo beautiful you guys! There are millions of pine trees EVERYWHERE! and guess what?!?!? We live on a lake!!!!!!!!!! we walk out our door and the lake is Right there! It is this teeny apartment complex on a little private lane in the woods! it looks exactly like the place we stayed at in island park right on the lake! that little old cabin! its like identical! The ward here in Lacey 5th is AMAZING! They have never had sisters in the area before and so they all have been freaking out! they act as if we are the 2nd coming! haha they are sooo cute! We get groceries delivered to us and we have a dinner with a family every single night! They fight over us! it is so funny! most of the ward are young military families and so the husbands are often deployed somewhere so we eat with a lot of young moms and millions of little babies (which I can’t hold:( ) so its been so fun!

Okay now about the work. man oh man. So usually it would happen that I get put with a companion who has been in the area for at least a transfer but sister esplin had never been here before either so we had to start from SCRATCH! we didn’t have books of Mormon to pass out, referrals, an area book, a map, NOTHING! so it has been quite the adventure trying to find people but we think we are starting to get our feet on the ground.
so in our mission, its a rule that we go out finding (tracting) from 5-7 every day. So we have knocked many many doors. and at first it was scary but then I have learned that it shouldn’t be scary at all because the church is true and its always going to be true. We are here as representatives of Jesus Christ himself and we have a message that is urgent. It is so important for me to remind myself that every day. The restoration of the gospel is true. I know it. I have studied it over and over and that is the message that we are to share with the investigators. It is so cool to just show up on somebody’s doorstep and testify to them that the Book of Mormon is true. and that it, as well as the bible, contains the fullness of the gospel. I love sharing my testimony with others and I love having the lord on my side. Something cool about being on a mission is that you get to have the spirit with you always and so you know what you are saying is true. I am so grateful to be out here serving. It is no way a burden. it is a blessing! I am honored to wear Jesus Christ’s name on my shoulder every day. The message we share is urgent because the second coming is coming soon. I love this gospel and my savior sooo much!

So although we have our testimonies, knocking can be hard. It is so hard to see someone deny what you know to be true. Here in Lacey there are many many who do not believe. Almost every door we have knocked on has been sooo mean and bashed us into the ground. But you know what? That has only made me study the scriptures harder and increased my testimony. Being on a mission is hard. I will not sugar coat it. It is hard to hear day after day that what we are teaching is not true and that we will go to Hell. But I have the Savior with me and the Holy Ghost reassures me every Time. And at the end of the day, God always sheds a tiny miracle on us that makes everything worth it. The other night, we were knocking all day with no luck. at 6:59 we almost walked back to our car and headed off to a members for dinner. We both felt impressed that we should stay until 7 exactly and try one more house. The one more house we tried was the only one who listened that day. It was such a cool moment. It shows how important it is to be obedient!

well guys, that is pretty much my week! Last night we had a fireside with everyone and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I had ever had. everyone invited their investigators (we have none yet) and you could literally see the investigators faces change as they felt the spirit. so many we converted last night and it was so cool to see it happen!

I love you guys soooo much and I pray for you every night. You guys mean the world to be and are my best friends! If there is anything I can do for you all let me know:) I LOVE YOU!

Have a good week!

-Sister Cassell

ps I left out like a million things but it’s just impossible to include it all! ahh! love you!


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