Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay its time to email again!!! The two weeks have blended together so I am not sure exactly what happened what week, but I will try to not repeat myself! Haha! So first of all, thank you all for the emails and letters!!! Mom I got your package!!! Thank you soooo much! I loved it! I sent an SD card home today so look for it! Sister Esplin and I have really been loving those treats! I am gonna be a fatty! haha! I also got letters from molly, grandma noni, mom (today), and I got emails from Log, Ty, grandma dean, tiff, brit, linds, meg, and DADDY! So Thank you all soooo much! It is the best to hear from you all! and I am sorry if I don’t respond because there really isn’t much time!

So this week was a really good week!!! Sister Esplin and I are the greatest of friends!!! We get along really well together and are always laughing our heads off! (she is weird like me! yay!) One funny story I have for you guys is about spiders. Hence the title of this letter. So in our apartment entry way there is a MASSIVE colony of HUGE spiders. If you look up in the roof/ceiling, you see these massive webs with spiders everywhere. And it is nasty! They are right above our door and so we are always terrified they will be in our house! So anyways…One day we came back to the apartment to get our area book or something and we were like “That’s it. This giant web is going down.” There is a main web where the head spider chills all day and that’s the one we wanted to attack. So we go get cleaning supplies and walk up the stairs to the second level and start spraying the head spider. It doesn’t even faze him! That son of a gun! So this goes on to be like a 20 min fight with this head spider. (it involved lots of screaming on my part.) Finally sister Esplin was like “I have pepper spray!!!” so we stood back and we pepper sprayed the king spider! and He finally died!!! hahaha! We were soo proud. Later on that night we come home to our apartment only to find a NEW web put up with like five other spiders working their tails off to re-build the main web!!! SICK! so we go to our neighbors above us who are members (a mom and daughter) and we ask them about the spiders and the proceed to tell us that they are their PETS! ahhhh! hahahah! we died. The little girl was not happy we killed her main pet. anyways… enough of the spiders. I just thought it was the funniest thing ever.

So this week Sister Esplin and I have been working sooo hard trying to find people! It is hard when you have to start from scratch like we did! We have been very obedient and diligent! Tuesday morning during companion study something finally happened! We were practicing teaching on each other and then all of the sudden I was like, “I am gonna go get my laundry out of the dryer.” (our laundry was right out the door) and low and behold I found this guy. He was moving in with our elderly neighbor because he needed a roommate! He is like a 25 year old who is SO sweet! we love him! we started teaching him right then and there! We know that heavenly father heard our prayers and lead us to him! so we finally have an investigator! We know that through the spirit, he can be enlightened. we are so excited to have the opportunity to teach him!  So that was our miracle for the week. We have a lot of potential investigators that we have taught and we will hopefully make them investigators. I will just quickly tell you of one.  We knocked into him on Friday night and He has been one of the FEW who have even listened to us. So we know the lord has prepared him. He invited us in and he has the SWEETEST family! Three little kids! and Him and his family are all from Ghana!! (if that’s how you spell it) how cool?? they are here for the military. They have cool accents! But Chris was sooo open to us and sooooo close to Jesus Christ. I have never met anyone who loves his Savior more! He wants to bring his family to Church next week so I will keep you guys updated on him!

Okay one more quick story. Dad, don’t freak out but we almost died from a dog. I don’t know if I told you guys this but EVERYONE has at least one dog. Most have like three dogs I am not even kidding. So you are probably thinking that I am in heaven right? No. These dogs are VICIOUS! So here in Lacey there are a lot of areas like look like star valley, each house is like .5 miles apart. So they all have these massive guard dogs. So we knocking this area the other day and there is this big dog in this driveway of the house we were headed to. I got really excited, naturally, and I start heading towards him to hug him and he starts backing up…it was weird. The closer we got to the door the closer he did too…he was guarding the door!!! and as we got up close to the door he lowered himself and got in attack mode…his lip was curled up and he was growling. Then he pounced forward and attacked us! Sister Esplin and I have never been so scared in our lifes! it was so funny because we just grabbed onto each other like never before! It was so funny! We jumped back just in time that he didn’t get us. It was terrifying! And yesterday I got bit by a little dog in a nice condensed neighborhood! so dogs here are NOT like in Utah! haha! it was insane!

Well guys I gotta jet! But the mission life is AWESOME!!!  I have had sooo much time to really study the gospel of Jesus Christ and I understand it more and more everyday. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a Missionary of Jesus Christ. The only hard part of a mission is not feeling adequate enough but I know through the Savoir, I he can pick up my slack. I love Our Savior so much and that is why I am out here. I know that these are the last days and it is our responsibility to bring others to the fold and I am so lucky to be a part of that! People are mean to us but I love them anyways and hopefully we have planted some seeds in their hearts and prepared them for the next missionaries who come along. I love you guys soooo much and I think about you everyday. But just know that I am where I want to be so no matter how hard things get, I will continue on happily serving our Savior:) I am so grateful for everything that I have so thank you mom and dad for the financial and emotional support you guys give me. I love you both so much. Log and Ri, you guys mean the world to me and I love you both so much! keep updated me on EVERYTHING! I LOVE it!!!! Love you guys!!!


Seester Cassell


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