Island Park

HI FAMILY!!!!!!! Yay I am so so glad that it is P day and I get to send out this email because this week is so JUICY! It was the best week EVER! So hold onto your seats because you are in for a bumpy ride!!!
First off, I just wanna say thank you so much for everyones emails and letters this week! I can print emails off but if they are long, it cuts them off soo try to write me handwritten letters! and Ri thanks for your letters this week! send me a handwritten so I can better know what is going on!
My trainer Sister Esplin is the BEST! You guys, I can’t even explain how grateful I am that she is my companion and trainer. It is a miracle because we are seriously like sisters. She is the greatest! She has raised me well! We both have the same humor and it makes our weeks very interesting:) I feel like we really study and teach together super well. I LOVE HER.
So I will start off with a funny story. So last P day, we were doing our tracting and we decided to, once again, go out to the farm land. We step out of the car and are about to approach our first house when all of the sudden we hear this deep, low, loud bark come from down the long driveway. We look at each other and were like “Oh no! not again!” Sure enough, a massive St. Bernard type dog comes booming up the driveway towards us!!! It was the exact dog from the Sandlot I swear!!! It was HUGE! and so mean! It comes tearing up the driveway growling and barking at us. At that moment, I turn to sister Esplin and expect her to say that we should just slowly keep moving and if it attacked, we’d get it with her pepper spray (that’s what we usually do) . But no, she turned to me and said “RUN!” hahaha! It totally caught me off guard but there we were, running, full speed, back to the car!! we barely made it in time! It was terrifying! haha but sooo funny! Everyday we wish so bad that our lives were being filmed because something so funny really happens every day during our 5-7 finding times. So we mutually decide to skip that house and go to the next one. When we get out of the car and start walking down the long driveway, sure enough ANOTHER dog comes running up towards us! we were so frustrated and just wanted to work without these dogs getting in our way! But this dog, was another story. It was a sweet lab who immediately got attached to us. No one was home at the house and when we were driving away, we look in the mirror and the sweet lab was chasing after our car with it’s ball in her mouth! for like a mile! so we pull over and I open my door and take the ball from her to throw it. Within seconds she had hopped across me and into the back seat. we were freaking out because it was a brand new car! hahah! we couldn’t move her (the fatty) so sis esplin was like “that’s it, just get in.” and we drove off down the road with a panting, happy pup in the back seat! hahaha! it was so funny! so that is my dog story for the week!
So one of our investigators works 3 jobs so it is so hard to teach him. So I don’t know what will happen with him! Sister Esplin and I just want soo bad to teach someone and help them progress! We have been praying so hard and studying like crazy in hopes to find a new investigator this week. So one night we prayed for inspiration on where to go finding the next day. And guess what?! we found someone!!! She is soooo cute!!! She is a 31 year old single mom from Mexico. She is out here all alone trying to raise her one year old little girl. She speaks good English so we are able to teach her! She had never heard of the church and was sooo interested. She said (on the doorstep) that we had a light about us and that she could tell that what we were saying was true. it was SO COOL. We are so lucky to be instruments in the lords hands with her. She is so sweet and the lord has definitely prepared her. We went and taught her the 1st lesson (the restoration) the other day and it went super well!!! she thought it made sense and wants to read the BOM and pray about It! She even came to church yesterday and LOVED it! We also met another really special girl this week. She is also 31! I don’t think she is married or has any kids. she is so cool! we knocked into her and she is so ready to learn! She is coming to church with us on sunday and we have our first lesson with her on Wednesday! yay! Missionary work is so cool!
I wanted to share with you guys that studying and preparing for these lessons for this past month and a half has really strengthened my own testimony of the gospel. I seriously knew nothing when I came out! I don’t know what I was thinking! But I just want to share my testimony with you guys about the Restoration of the gospel. I know that the gospel Jesus Christ taught when he was on the earth was lost and taken off of the earth because the people rejected it and were so wicked. That is why we have so many churches today because good people were trying to pick up the bits and pieces of what Christ had taught but they did not know exactly how to do it and they did not have the priesthood authority to do it. Because god wants us to have the gospel and live it, he restored it to another Prophet. (just like he has always done.) and this prophets name was Joseph Smith. And that is how we have the Book of Mormon. If we know that the Book of Mormon is true (another testament of Christ) then Joseph Smith WAS a prophet or we wouldn’t have it. If the Book of Mormon is true then the restoration DID happen. I know this because I study it daily and pray for it daily. We are promised in both the bible and the book of Mormon that if something is “good” or true, then we will not have a bad feeling about it. I can testify that the Book of Mormon is another Testament  of Jesus Christ! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
oh my gosh I am out of time but I know this church is true! and family I have a goal for you! please do FHE every Monday and use preach my gospel as a manual!!!! it is the BEST!!! Mom and dad, teach rilee the 5 lessons in it! okay??? love you guys so so so much!!!! I am doing great and so so happy!
ps. We straight up fed deer right outside our apartment this week. it was awesome. we basically live in island park (for any of you who know what that looks like.) it looks exactly like that!
love, sis cass

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