Thank Heavens for a Bishop

Hi everybody!!!!!!!
Thank you for all the emails and letters this week! I got a letter from grandma noni, mom, linds, Ty, and a package from Brit! Thank you guys so so much!!! I love you guys!
So I don’t have much time today because my computer would not log in and so I lost a lot of time.  it was dumb. But this week was AWESOME!!! So many things happened!
So first of all, we had Mission Tour this week. Mission Tour is when a member of the quorum of the 70 comes and inspects your mission and gives a talk all day! We had Elder Pieper! He was soooo awesome! It was so cool because you could just feel the Spirit radiating off of him. We, as a mission, got to spend all day listening to him speak. He was really speaking by the Spirit and we learned a lot. We learned how to study and teach. It was very helpful! We also learned about Priesthood. It was some deep doctrine that I’d never even heard! It was sooo cool! I understand the Priesthood so much more now, and I understand my role in it.
We also had the Missionary Broadcast yesterday! Did you guys watch it??? If not will you please please please find a way to watch it??? It was soooo powerful. Elders Perry, Holland, Anderson, Nelsen, Packer, and President Monson spoke. THe main men! So you know it was pretty important! Missionary work is really gonna start to boom and we are to all preach the gospel to everyone we know. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it. It truly was amazing.
ANother cool thing we did this week, was I went on Splits!!! and guess who I went with?? SIster Hardy from the Mtc!!! I love her! She is in a tripanionship so one of her companions went with sister Esplin and I went with Hardy and a sister named Packard. Sister Packard is so awesome!!!!!!!! They serve in Tacoma so I got to see how that was for a day. It is soo ghetto!!! haha! we were right in the slums of Washington and it was quite the experience. 🙂
So investigator update? We had to drop our neighbor. He was too good to be true I suppose.  (Thanks for the coat by the way mom and dad! I LOVE it! fits great) anyways…he is just not making commitments and he bails on our appointments. One of our ladies is still super awesome! She is on date to be Baptized on July 6th! yay! and another investigator is sooooo cool. We had a lesson with her this week over lunch and it was pretty good but she had a loooot of questions. Not the kind that most people have either!!! It was tough! She is very analytical. She is sooo sweet and proper and cute though. She came to Chruch sunday and we had a lesson all together with the bishop!!!!!! It was THE coolest lesson I have ever been in. He answered ALL of her questions and she said she felt the spirit telling her it was true….it was awesome. To see someone that analytical accept the gospel was the highlight of my week. So I will keep you updated on her for sure! Pray for her!
So that was pretty much my week! We had a fireside last night again that was the most spiritual thing ever so that was fun! I got to see a lot of my 30 MTC friends so I was a happy girl:) Life is great and I am so lucky to be serving a mission so thank you all for your support:)
I wanna share one thing I learned this week during my personal and companion study. Sister Esplin and I have really been thinking a lot this week about the importance of Church Attendance because that is something our investigators have struggled with. We really prayed and studied about it this week and It definitely made me gain a stronger testimony of it. Here are some scriptures that really hit me hard. Lev. 26:2-13; Moroni 6; Eph. 2: 19-20, 11-14; and D&C 59: 9-10. Basically, why would Christ Himself organize a church when he was on the earth if there wasn’t a need for one? We need to go to church to continue learning and to feel of the spirit. We need to go to Church to renew those covenants we made and baptism and repent of our sins from that week and become better. We need to pay our devotions to the Lord by attending church. It is very important to go because we are nourished by the good word of God. Church is a place where we can all gather together and learn from each other and learn from prophets, apostles, teachers, leaders, so forth. (article of faith:6) . I really have learned that what we get out of church all depends on how prepared we are. It is only going to be boring if we don’t prepare to learn and to feel the spirit. I challenge you all to go to church this sunday in hopes to learn something new and to feel of our Saviors love. I know that if we do this, we WILL learn something. I really wish I would have done that more growing up.
I love you all soooo so much and I am soo grateful for you. The Restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know it will every fiber of my being. There is nothing that would doubt my faith because I have received answers to my prayers and the more I study it, the more my testimony grows. If we want to have a testimony, we have to work. I know we can all get answers to our prayers if we have faith and keep the commandments. I love you guys!!!
Love, Sister Cassell
ps. We talked to President Weaver (LOVE HIM) at the fireside last night and he is prob gonna keep me and ESPY together for another transfer here in Lacey!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
pps. How is my Koda Bear?!?!?!? I miss him so so so much 😦

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