Cats and Plants

Monday, July 1, 2013

HI FAMILY!!!! 🙂 this week has been really good! I am loving serving a mission more and more every day! Sister Esplin and I really have the best times together and I love it here it Lacey:)

              So this week was kind of slow. It was really hot for Washington I guess so EVERYBODY fled the state I swear! But nobody has air conditioning because they are not used to the weather being in the 90’s! So no one was home! We were pretty hot too walking around all day but then I think of Ty in Guatemala and I realize I am pretty spoiled! haha! Speaking of Ty….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Today Ty turns 20 years old! So everyone wish him a happy birthday!

There is not much to say about this week because both of our progressing investigators were gone!!!!! One was in New York all week and one was moving:( But this week should pick up again! We did find someone new this week! She is a lady in her upper 50’s living with her little grandchildren. Their mom is in the military stationed somewhere far away so she takes care of the kids. She is hilarious! She is a strong, bold, sassy, lady! But very open to the gospel! She is super in tune with the spirit but doesn’t have a religion. We taught her the Restoration and we are going back today! yay! We also have another new investigator. She is  friends with one of the girls in our ward so she came to church with her on Sunday and we all sat together! She really liked it! So keep all 4 of our girls in your prayers!!!!

         So we did a lot of service this week since we had a lot of time. We love to do service her in Lacey. We always go over and help this elderly couple in our ward, Brother and Sister Nash. They are so sweet. Last week we weeded their yard and this week we canned beans for them! We also helped another lady in our ward. Man on man I cannot believe I have not mentioned her yet. She is a HOOT! She is an older lady in her 70’s. We met her our first week and visit her about once a week. She is a Less Active Member.  She lives for two things. Cats and Plants. Lots of people here in Washington have a green thumb but NOTHING like her. You cannot see her door because its covered in plants and there are cats lounging EVERYWHERE. haha. Then you go inside and there are plants inside too! But her job for us was the back patio.  She had this planted called Wisteria and it had gotten really tangled in the fence and she wanted us to carefully get in un-tangled, dig it up, and re-plant it in another pot. It look us an hour or more because she was watching our every move making sure we didn’t break the Wisteria or the roots! While digging it up, Esplin and I broke a couple roots and would just cough super loud so she wouldn’t hear the roots snap. It was great. She is too funny! meanwhile, her cats were crawling all over us!  haha. One time we looked over at the lady and a big, fat orange cat was sitting on her shoulders! We were like “how did he get up on your shoulders?” and she told us that he always jumps, from the ground, to peoples shoulders! Hahaha.

   I don’t know if I have mentioned this  before but we share a ward with a set of Elders. Tuescher and Taylor. It is really fun and we have gotten super close with them because we see them every day! But we have a lot of fun with our district! Today for P day we are going on a hike all together to these waterfalls that are supposed to be really cool! So that will be fun! I love our district! Sometimes it is hard sharing a ward with other missionaries though because you often tract in the same areas! eee! haha but its great.

    This week we also had a member dinner every single night! we are so spoiled! it was so fun to get to know these families. Our ward is absolutely amazing! On Monday we had dinner with the Bishops family and that was so fun! We taught them a lesson and the spirit was really strong.

    I guess that is about all I have for this week!!! It has been a really good week of studying. I really value my scriptures. I gain such a testimony of them each day. To anyone who struggles finding motivation to read their scriptures I have some advice! PREACH MY GOSPEL. Preach my gospel is the best thing in the entire world. It is SO great for scripture study because it is like a study guide! On almost every page there are little boxes that say “personal study” or something like that and it gives you scriptures to look up for each subject. Also, I often look through the Bible Dictionary and that is also a good guide for scripture study. I have learned soooo much and I absolutely love love love scriptures!!!!!!!!! Also, pray before you read so that the spirit can direct your study. That is super helpful too!

I love you guys so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all have a good week! and also…hand written letters are so much better than emails because I hardly have time to read and comprehend emails!

love you all!

love, Seester Cassell

p.s. It is SO hard not to hold babies. I hate that rule,


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