Transfer Calls…..Will I stay in Lacey???

Mon, 8 Jul 2013

HELLO FAMILY!!!!! Hi!!!! So another week has gone by and It is P day again! Thank you all for your letters, emails, and packages! I got the BEST package from the Russells this week! Thank you guys sooo much! I got letters from Brit, Lands, mom, and grandma! Dad… didn’t get yours 😦 But hopefully it will come today! Thank you all soooo much! It really means a lot.
So this week was really great! It was 4th of July weekend though so unfortunately lots of our investigators were out of town:( But we found some new ones too! One of our investigators is still progressing and we are going to teach her tomorrow! She is buying us lunch and then we are taking it to the church to have a lesson! Another one moved and we cant get a hold of her very often but we are still not giving up hope. Did I tell you guys about a new couple? We met them a while ago and had a reeeally good lesson with them this week and are going back tonight! Yay! I love love love teaching the gospel! It is the best reward to see people progress.
We met this man the other day when we were out knocking doors. He is sooo cool! He and his wife, want us to come back and teach them more and he is so excited to read the Book of Mormon! So I will keep you all updated on them!
So this week we faced a lot of mean people again during our knocking time. It is okay though because we are able to answer every misconception they have and it is sooo cool. It is hard not to get angry at them but we just have to remember that they are Children of our Heavenly Father and he loves them so much. We are able to clear up false conceptions about our Church every single time and it is such a blessing. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ’s church on the earth today. Everything about it makes sense and there is nothing sticky about it. The Bible and the Book of Mormon really do go hand in hand and it is so cool to see that. We can argue all day with these people if we wanted to but it really all depends if they have their hearts softened. The Spirit cannot testify truth to a hardened heart no matter how much we want it to. Everyone has their agency. My testimony grows every single day here on the mission and I am SO grateful for that. I know that this church is true. I love it so much and I just want others to know it too so they can receive the blessings from it in this life and in the life to come.
So this week was transfer calls!!!!!! Can you guys believe that I have already completed my first transfer??? No! It feels like I have only been here 5 days! So on Saturday night we got the call to know if we were being transferred and guess what?? Esplin and I are BOTH staying in Lacey!!!!!! Yay!!! we are soo so happy! We are NOT ready to leave our investigators yet! They WILL be baptized this transfer! 🙂 We are so happy to stay together too 🙂 I Love Espy!!! We are glad that President Weaver trusts us to stay here. We are going to work SO hard this transfer!
So another cool thing that we did this week was a Plan of Salvation lesson at the park! We went to the city park and drew out the Plan of salvation with CHALK! It was so fun! Everyone who walked by was really curious about! I think they were a little shocked to see the words “Judgement” and “Ressurection” written on the ground! hahaha! it was cool though because people would stop and talk to us and we wound hand them a pamphlet about it. It was a good way to get the message across to a lot of people all at once!
Missionary work is really going to start covering the other. There will not be one person who doesn’t get a chance to accept the gospel and I am so excited for it! As members, it is sooo important to give referrals so you guys should really do that! I wished I would have realized that before I left. I was a bad member missionary 😦 haha. But the missionaries in the states reeeally rely on member referrals so if everybody could keep that in their prayers, that would help a lot! On that note… there is this family in the ward, who have us over for dinner a lot and their daughter is about to leave on a mission to Salt lake! and they think Draper is in here area! So look out for her so you guys can feed her while her family feeds me haha 🙂
Another fun this we did this week was Espy and I had a Movie Night and watched the Testaments! We have a mini DVD player in our apartment so we can study from The District DVDs they have us watch. It was really fun to watch the Testaments. I love that movie! It was fun to watch a movie! We also have the Restoration movie and we watch that with our investigators some times.
So funny story to end the email. So the other day during companionship study I saved Espys life. We study at the table sitting across from each other right? So after reading a scripture I look up at her only to see a big spider descending on its web RIGHT over the top of her head!!!!! Of all places in the apartment! hahahah! So I was like ” Esp! Don’t move!! Don’t freak out but there is a Spider RIGHT above your head…slowly shift to the right!” and she FREAKED out! Hahahahaha it was sooooo funny! She kept screaming “No, no no no no!” it was too great. We are always terrified of spiders in our hair so it was really funny. I love her!
Okay kiddos. That sums up my week. I love you guys so so so much! Glad to hear you are having a fun summer:) Snuggle Kote for me! love you!
love, Seester Cassell

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