Sad, Sad Week…

Hi Family!!!!
First off I just want to thank my little sister Rice for sending me the BEST package ever!!!!! That was sooo fun to get!! Thanks so much Ri! You put a lot of thought into it and all of those things were so cute! We use them all! Thanks Bum! Thank you all for the letters and emails this week! It really makes me feel so happy to get a letter and emails! I love you all.
        So this week was really really hard. We had a major tragedy in our ward that really disrupted everyone. A little boy of a recent convert was murdered. It is really personal and extremely sad so I won’t go into detail out of respect for the mom. But if you want to know what happened, you can ask my parents because I emailed them what happened. It was so sad because Sister Esplin and I had gotten super close with that family and have been over at their house about 2 times a week since we have been in Lacey. They are recent converts of the Elders we share our ward with. They were so solid in the gospel and we LOVED their little boy. We attended the funeral on Friday and helped clean out their whole house all day Saturday. I am a little unsettled by the whole thing because I hurt so badly for the mom. But I know that the Plan of Salvation is real and that she will be with her little boy again soon if she stays true to the gospel. He was 4 years old and I know that he is with his Father in Heaven in the Celestial Kingdom. This week really made me think about my family. You guys are so important to me and there is no one I love more than you guys. So be careful and be safe! Also, continue progressing in the Gospel because that is the entire purpose of why we are here. Our life on earth is a time to prepare to meet God. This life is so short and what we do here can really effect our eternity. I have really realized the importance of that this week with the experiences that have happened.
So on a happier note, we had an AMAZING miracle this week on Saturday night. But first I have to tell you that this week Sister Esplin and I really sifted through our investigators and dropped the ones who were not keeping commitments and who just were not interested. So  we have 2 women and one couple left. We had a really good Plan of Salvation lesson with the couple this week and they loved it! They didn’t come to church yesterday 😦 But we are still working with them! Okay so our miracle! We had been praying for a miracle all week. We wanted to find someone who was extremely elect and ready to be baptized! But this week we had not found ANYONE even slightly interested. But when Saturday came around, we prayed even harder. During tracting our faith was so strong that we would find someone…. but no luck. So we went back to our apartment and grabbed some dinner and decided to go out looking again. We prayed to know where the Lord wanted us to be. I thought that we should go tract out some apartments. So we drove to them and Sister Esplin thought we should go to a certain building. As we got out of the car we saw a lady out smoking while her little girl played with their dogs. As soon as we looked into her eyes we knew she was the miracle we had been waiting for. She and her foster daughter (who is almost 8) . We told her we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we had a message for her. She invited us in and told us she had been waiting for us!!!! We were like what?! She told us that she had been asking for sister missionaries for a while because she doesn’t trust the Elders 🙂 haha. She was soo cool! She could feel the spirit immediately when we shared an overview of the Restoration. We asked her and her daughter if they would like to come with us to church the next day and guess what??? They were there! and LOVED iT! The girl knew a couple friends in Primary from her school and our ward just swarmed the mother with friendship. It truly was a miracle. We have an appointment with them this week and we have already talked to them both about baptism but we do not have a date set yet. I am so excited to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands with this particular family. The mother has had a really tough life,  but she just is sooo ready for the gospel. She said she needs this. She wants to put her old life behind her and start anew. Her daughter’s mom is a drug addict so she is about to get full custody of her. The love they have for each other is truly amazing! They are such an example to me.
I love being a missionary!!! I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else:) I love you guys!
Seester Cassell

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