Diligence Brings Happiness

HI FAMILY!!!! How are you all doing?? I miss you all! Thank you all so much for the letters this week! I think I got two from mom, Annie, Linds, Brit, Grams, and Adrian! If I forgot to mention someone I am sorry 😦 Thanks for all the emails too!
This week was an amazing week! Sister Esplin and I had a lot of success with finding and teaching people. We also had some of the most amazing dinners ever this week! (Ty….sorry if I am getting fat…haha) We had amazing fish one night, a Mexican dish, chicken ka-bobs, roast, and curry! Wow. Yep. This ward definitely takes care of us. We also saw a MILLION deer this week! We tracted an area out in the woods all week and everywhere you look there are deer! It was fun:)
So last week we had a slower week so there wasn’t much to tell. This week, however, was much better! We were able to teach 3 of our investigators 2 times each and then we ended off the week with a major miracle! We re-committed to our diligence goal and we were very blessed this week. Heavenly Father has really blessed Sister Esplin and I to be able to work with these amazing people. So, first we were able to teach a lady we have taught once, twice this week! The elders from our ward came with us the first time and it went really well. She STILL did not accept the invitation to be baptized but she knows it is true. She says that she has a struggle giving up drinking. The Next day, we went back and shared a Mormon Message on Temples with her. She nearly cried. She wants that for her family we could tell. But maybe it is just not her time.
We also taught the boy we met last week, twice this week. After going through two amazing lessons with him and spending a lot of time trying to get to know him, we asked him if he would be baptized. He said no haha. We were like “Why? Don’t you know it is true?” and what he said next through us the biggest curve ball! He told us that he wont be baptized because his Fiancé won’t approve! Yes. He is engaged! We had no idea. He never leaves the house and plays video games all day so we were a little surprised to find that out. We asked him how he met his fiancé and he said that they met on a game online…so they have never met. It is a bit of a struggle but we challenged him to talk to his fiancé about it and we are going back this week!
Next, we finally were able to teach the mom and foster daughter that we met a couple weeks ago their first lesson this week! When we got to their apartment for the appointment….all Hell broke loose. Lets just say we had to play Dr. Phil. She had this huge break down about money, her phone being shut off, and worrying about loosing her daughter. It was really sad. Sister Esplin and I cried with her for a little bit and then tried to offer her some comforting words of advice. Once she calmed down a bit and we got to help her figure out some things, we were able to teach her the first half of the Restoration. She listened very intently and agreed with everything we were saying. She kept saying things like “I always knew Jesus and God were separate” and ” I always wondered why God doesn’t have prophets today” . It was awesome! She could feel the spirit so strongly and she said she really believed what we were telling her and what the spirit was telling her. We love her so so much! We were able to teach her Sunday as well and that was an even better experience. We were in the church and she again told us she believed everything. Yay! There is nothing better than seeing someone learn and accept the truth.
We found about 4 new investigators this week too! And a bunch of potential investigators! It was soo cool! We have a return appointment with all of our new investigators and we are so excited.
So our miracle this week happened yesterday. Sister Esplin and I were sitting in sacrament and we noticed a new face sitting in the row in front of us. We started talking to him and he wasn’t a member! He said he didn’t know why he was here but he just felt like he needed to be… so he googled Lds Church and found ours! It was crazy! He stayed all three hours and LOVED it! The Elders Quorum said he was participated in everything and totally ready to join the church. After Church we get a call from him saying that he wanted to be baptized and asked what he needed to do!!! We were so shocked that we were speechless!!! haha! We told him that he just needed to meet with us four times and he would be ready to go! We have our first lesson with him on Saturday and he is being Baptized on the 17th! He was so cute, he was like “Can I call and invited my family members to my baptism?” Haha! ah! We are so excited he found us. To be honest…he kinda has a creepy side to him so we will see how it all plays out but he definitely was a miracle.
We had 3 investigators at church this week and we were able to teach about 25 lessons this week. I am so so happy to be a part of this great work. I love being an instrument in the Lord’s hand and bringing souls to Christ! Thank you all so much for your love and support! I have the BEST family and friends in the world. 
I will just end off with a quick funny story. So Espy and I are still fascinated with the Spiders here in Lacey (They are everywhere!) and we had a couple fun run-ins with them this week. We found about 4 in the shower this week, one on our kitchen floor, and one IN Espys bed!! Ew! But the best experience we had with spiders this week was on a doorstep. We saw this massive spider in it’s web on a doorstep the other day and we had this crazy idea to feed it. We spent about 15 minutes placing different bugs in it’s web and watching it attack them! We were so entertained. haha! Well, that is my week for you guys! Love you!
Sister Katie Cassell
Ps. We are having a mission BBQ today with the ENTIRE mission!!! I am so so so excited! I could hardly sleep last night! I love everyone in my mission and I have so many great friends here. I cannot wait to see my MTC buddies! I will let you know how that goes:)

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