This is the Lord’s Work

HI EVERYONE!!!! I am glad that it is P day and that I can write to you guys! So first of all, we cannot write letters at night anymore so we only have that time on Mondays. I don’t know if I will ever have time to write anyone back! 😦 But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RILEE TOMORROW!!! I Love you Ri and I hope you have the best birthday ever tomorrow! I am sending you off a package today! I am sorry that I couldnt send it sooner:(
       So this week has been rough again. 😦 Our numbers do not show our efforts and it is super hard. We set new goals this week to try extra hard, be extra obedient, and to be extra diligent. I know that no effort is wasted but we have been stuggling with our investigators. None of them came to church this week. I wont give up faith though and we are going to keep working hard! we cannot change people’s agency.
      Despite the rough week, I am still happy to be here and I am so happy to be a missionary. I know that this church is true and I am not going to let myself get down because we arent seeing as much progress as we would like. I just know that I need to push myself harder. I love our investigators and I still have faith in them! We WILL have a baptism by the end of our transfer. I learned two things in my study this week that taught me a lot. The first thing is that this is the Lord’s work. It is his work to bring to pass eternal life of men. We are just simply helping him with his work. I am called as a missionary to help move his work along because it is important. He wants his work to move along so I KNOW he will help us. I know that through our prayers and diligence, the work will happen. I have made a personal goal this week to make my prayers more meaningful. I try to really prayer several tims throughout the day and focus on what I can do to help others accept this true gospel. The second thing that I learned this week was that God and Jesus have uncondition love for others but they do not have, and cannot have, unconditional acceptance. It is not meerly enough to say you have accepted Jesus as our Savior. We have to show it. To fully accept him we have to live the gospel. The 3rd article of faith states that we will be saved according to our obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. I KNOW this is true.
I am sorry this week is short but there is not much to say and I am running out of time:( I promise I wil write more next week!
A miracle did happen this week though:) We were able to teach this 19 year old boy who no missionary has ever been able to teach! His mom and brother are members but he is not. He has always refused to take the lessons and guess what??  He agreed to take them from us! we taught him the Restoration and tomorrow we are teaching him again. I know that the lord has prepared him and it just so happens that we were the missionaries around at that time. and I am so glad we were:)  He is a good kid. \
well guys, I love you all so so so much! pray for our investigators and have a good week!
Sister Cassell

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