There is No Place Like Lacey

Hi Family!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last couple weeks of Summer! I was really spoiled this week and got lots of letters so thank you sooo much! I will try to write back today!
So we have one more week of the transfer left (where in the world did this transfer go???) so I may be leaving Lacey 5th ward!!! 😦 I will find out if I am staying or leaving this Saturday so I will let you all know on Monday. Esp and I don’t think we are staying together another transfer so we are so so sad to be leaving each other. But we are excited/lucky that we have had another amazing week this week so we can finish the transfer out strong!
This week we were able to teach our new investigator (our miracle from last week) and he is still planning on getting baptized this Saturday! yaaaayyy! My first baptism! We gave him a Church Tour and taught him the Restoration. He is sooo prepared it is insane. He is basically like a member already. We let the Elders come to our lesson since they didn’t have anyone to teach so that was cool too.
We also taught our investigator the mom & her foster daughter a couple times this week. She  is taking this very seriously and she knows it is true. She has to stop smoking before she is baptized and she is really working on it. She believes everything we teach her and she just wants to make sure that she is doing this for the right reasons. She is soo solid. We are lucky to be teaching her. She will get baptized but she needs a few more weeks. I hope I stay in Lacey so I can continue teaching her! She is a character. She and her daughter came to church again this week (4 times now) and she was cracking us up! We don’t realize how cultured us Mormons are until we take a non-member to church with us. She was really hot in gospel principles so she whips out a fan and starts fanning the whole class! and the picture of Jesus! hahahaha she is so funny. Hopefully we can get pictures of her this week and send them to you guys.
We taught the 19 year old boy whose brother is on a mission and his mom at a members house this week and it went really well but his dumb girlfriend is still standing in the way darn it!
We also taught a ton of less actives this week and guess what??? Three less active families came to church this week!!!!!!!!! When they hadn’t been in years!!!! That was definitely the highlight of my week. Sister Esplin and I had a bench full of investigators at church and all surrounding us were the less active families. It was a really neat experience that I will never forget. I am so so so grateful that I have the opportunity to be an instrument in the lords hands and bring people to church. It was so cool! I teared up a bit. 🙂
Well… I think that sums up my week! The Mission BBQ was soooo fun last P day!!!!!!!! It was so fun to get to see all of my 30 MTC buddies!!!! It was just a big chat fest! I hardly had time to eat! It went by way too fast 😦 I love the missionaries here and I have already developed life long friendships.
Thank you all for all you do for me! Have a good week! Each of you are in my prayers every single night! I love you!
Sister Cassell

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