Aloha Tacoma!

HI FAMILY!!! Well another week is done and gone! Thank you for all the support and letters this week! I love you guys so so much!

       So this week was a really good week! As you know, from the text you got the other day, Sister Elaine S. Dalton from the General Young Womans Presidency was here in Lacey! She flew out here to speak at a Virtue Conference for our Stake and just happened to be staying at the Lythgoes house who is a family in our ward! We were not allowed to attend the Virtue Conference because we had to be missionaries, but we were fortunate enough to have the Lythgoes invite us to dinner the first night Sister Dalton got there! I have ALWAYS always looked up to Sister Dalton and enjoyed listening to her speak at General Conference. She just has always had this light in her eyes. You probably know what I mean! It was a super cool experience for Sister Esplin and I. All the other missionaries were jealous! We got about 35-40 minutes of alone time with Sister Dalton and she gave us some amazing advice that I will cherish forever. She was very empowering and made me want to be a better Daughter of God and serve others for the rest of my life! She has traveled ALL over the world and spoken to young women from all over. She said that the Lord sometimes sends her all the way across the world just for one girl. She told us that we are here in Washington for a purpose and that with the Spirit, we can do many things. She is such a humble lady and when she was talking to us and asking us questions she was so sincere. She is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. She told us that being a missionary will help us raise our future children in the Gospel and that they would be like mini investigators! It was a really cool experience and ever since that night I have tried to apply what the Spirit taught me that night to missionary work. It is truly a blessing to be here bringing this perfect and true gospel to those who are open and ready for it. I know that it is making me a better disciple of Christ during the process. I hope that I can keep learning and becoming each and every day. I challenge each of you to not be afraid of sharing the gospel with everyone, it is a lot easier to accept the gospel here on earth rather than in the spirit world. Try to remember what is really important. Try to BECOME better each day. I know that this is the perfect recipe for happiness in this life and for the life to come.

       We taught the mother and foster daughter that we’ve been teaching a lot this week and guess what? They are SO close to baptism! It is so exciting to see the Spirit testify to her heart that our words are true. I know that we were called to Lacey to meet her. They attended church with us yesterday and we had another lady from the Virtue Conference speak to us on Personal Revelation. That was EXACTLY what she needed to hear and it was so so cool! She just has to quit smoking and she will be good to go. She wants to but she is so scared. We taught her that Jesus Christ knows exactly how she feels and wants to help her. We prayed with her out loud and on our knees the other night and had a really cool experience. She said she felt at peace and knows this church is true.

          Interviews were this week! I think every couple of months we have an individual interview with President Weaver and then with Sister Weaver. It was sooooo good! President told me exactly what I needed to hear and we had a really good talk. I came out of there feeling better than ever. He is such a good mission president and truly cares about each of us. He shared some stories with me and we just chatted about how I have been doing. He told me that I had a light in my eyes that was rare and that the Spirit radiates from me….I am not sure that is true but that made me feel good:) He starting crying when he told me that and he told me that I would be able to touch people just by being in their presence. It was very sweet of him. During Espys interview, he told her that she was leaving and that I was staying in Lacey and getting a new comp….but…..Saturday night we come to find out that I AM LEAVING LACEY!!!!!!!! I was so so shocked and upset. I love the ward here and want to keep teaching Karen:( But I know that the Lord probably knows I am comfortable here and its time for me to grow. I am going to TACOMA! The city! The hood of Washington people!!! Elder Tuescher (who shares the ward in Lacey with us) told me that it is pretty ghetto…and every one is black. Haha! its going to be a blast! Night and day different than Lacey. I heard a lot of Baptisms happen there so I am excited. My specific area is called Mountain View Tacoma. My new companions name is Sister Mcquivey! She came out at the same time as me but we weren’t in the same zone because she is Cambodian speaking and is a Visa waiter. She is originally called to Cambodia but her visa never came so she has been here. She could leave at any second so I pretty much have to take over the area! From what I hear, she is an awesome missionary so I am excited!

             I am so so so sad to leave my Espy but I know it needs to happen. We both need to learn and grow from other companions and other areas. I know that the people of Tacoma need me so here I come! Look out! I will be there tomorrow!

    I love you guys so much! Have a good week!


Sister Cassell


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