Definitely not in Lacey anymore…

Oh my goodness gracious I have so much to tell you but I dont think I can even remember it. First off, thank you everyone from the Family Reunion who wrote me! That was so sweet of everyone and totally made my week! I have the best family and friends so thank you Humpherys family!
and thanks to everyone else who sent me a letter this week!
Well lets just say that I absolutely LOVE my new area. I loved Lacey so much because of the ward and sister Espy but man oh man, Tacoma is AWESOME. It is basically completely opposite from Lacey. There is so much diversity here and I love that. Sister Mcquivey is my new companion and I LOVE her! even more than I love my area. She is NOT a visa waiter though haha. It turns out that she will be in Tacoma as a Cambodian speaking missionary for the whole 18 months. She needs to stay in Tacoma because that is where all the diversity is. It is really cool working with her because she takes care of all the Asian people and I take care of all the African American and White people! It is sooooo fun!!! There is NEVER a dull day. We are CONSTANTLY teaching lessons and talking to people. It is definitely a lot bussier than Lacey which I love. I hate sitting around doing nothing and this area is perfect for me. Plus we have the coolest zone ever! Everyone is super close and they are all best friends!  Since Mcquivey is Cambodian speaking we have unlimited miles in our car and we never have to stay in our area! We get 10 referrals a day and are constantly talking to people. I LOVE IT.  I decided that I am going to learn either Korean or Vietnameeze so that I can stay here forever and teach those people. Mcquivey is the only Cambodian speaking missionary in the whole mission! Can you believe that?? They will eventually call more though. The ward is pretty good here too but they dont help out as much as Lacey.
So we started off this week with a Baptism!!! Yay my first baptism! Which I wasnt completely her missionary because they have been teaching her for 2-3 weeks but I did get to teach her this week and she was baptized Saturday:) She is a single mom in her early 30’s. She is SUCH a sweet girl and was definitely the most prepared lady I have ever met. It was the coolest experience I have ever been a part of and that is why I am so lucky to be a Missionary. I encourage all of you to talk to Bishop and ask if you can help with missionary work in our ward and attend the baptisms! They are so cool! Plus, it is really nice when people from the ward show up to support.
We have a really good teaching pool that we are working with. There are too many to talk about but two that are super interested. They are both older ladies and they are sooo awesome. I will keep you updated on them:)
So I could go on and on about my week but I cant even remember it all right now but pretty much there is never a dull day, never a day we dont get to testify, and never a day we dont feel the spirit. I love being a missionary and as far as I am concerned I have the BEST mission to serve in. Sister Mcquivey is THE funniest person on the face of this planet. She pretty much runs the zone and it is hilarious. She is super sweet at the same time though. She and I are already like the best of friends. She brings out a confident side in me that I needed so I am grateful for that. We are going to work super hard and make this an awesome transfer! We do meet some strange men often that kind of creep us out but with Mcquivs, I am always safe.
Pretty much something insane happens to us every five minutes but for some reason I cant remember any funny stories. But I cant wait to tell you about my week this week because I am sure I will have a lot to talk about! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!
Have a good week and make sure that you all remember what really is important in this life which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
love you, Love Seester Casseeeeelll

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