Koreans, Cambodians, Russians, Oh My!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

First off, I am so sorry for not writing like a single letter this whole trasfer!!! We are already starting week 4 of this new transfer and I haven’t sent a single letter I think! I am so sorry. I do appreciate all the letters but I have just been SOOO busy! There is always so much to do. But I love you all and I am so grateful for all the letters!

Well this week was just a regular week! There unfortunately isn’t much to tell! We taught a lot of people and sifted through our potential investigators. We are still trucking along with our older lady investigator! We didn’t see our investigator who’s 25 this week but we will see him this week! We are teaching a lot of new people too. There is a lady we are now teaching seriously, she is an older woman like our other lady. We might start teaching them together because they live so close!! She is a hoot! She just rips us apart with questions. It is a test of knowledge and the spirit that is for sure! She is taking the lessons very seriously which is good. But President Weaver always tells us that an elect investigator asks questions so I guess we cant complain!

Our baptism fell through this week:( at the last second her mother said that she wouldn’t sign the papers and that she (she’s under 18) can’t be baptized. The mom doesn’t speak much English so we have had to have the Spanish elders with us a lot and they are helping a ton so hopefully she will get baptized soon!!  we would turn her over to the Spanish Elders but she was actually a referral to us from them! and she speaks better english. Pray for her!

Oh oh oh!!!!!!!! We are teaching some sisters!!! two came to church last week they are 15 and 12. Their little sister is now taking the lessons too! she is 9. They are all super mature and listen well! their parents are spanish so we will have to tag team with the spanish elders again! They are the most solid family EVER!!! we are so excited for them. 🙂

It is cool serving in Tacoma because we teach a different race every day. Even though we don’t speak their language some how we manage to explain our message and give them a Book of Mormon in their language. It is sooo cool! We give out a ton of Korean and Vietnamese books of Mormon especially. We also give out a surprising amount of Russian too! and Martialese!
Sister Mcquivey and I are doing well! I love her so much! She is the funniest person on the face of the planet. She always asks me to do her hair and make-up and so that is fun for me!!!! I did her hair in this fancy up-do yesterday and it was sooo fun! haha. We are also really close with the other sisters in our zone. It feels like we have all always been friends! Their names are Sister Elton from Oregon and Sister Kaivantanna fron Thailand!!! Sister Kaivantanna (sister K) is SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her. She came out with me. She is the sweetest cutest little baby. I always just snuggle her! She is this tiny little Thai girl but she is a BOSS missionary! She is a little go getter. Sister Elton is awesome too! She is like my mama out here. SHe is going home soon. She is 24 I think. She is super cool and we have a lot of good talks! Us four sisters went out to lunch for P day yesterday and it was really fun:)  I still miss my Espy though. We call each other a lot and keep in touch though 🙂 It is tough being apart from her.
I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!! I am so so grateful to be here!! My testimony grows each day and I love the people i meet. I am a lucky girl. THank you all! i LOVE YOU!
Sista Cass

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