The Wonderful World of Disney


These are Elders in their ward…Elder Colvell (with the spoon on his nose) and Elder Sprague


Sis Mcquivs, Sis Elton, Sis K and Sis Cassell


The UPS man who brings their packages????? 🙂


Cute little kids from their ward 🙂


Sis McQuivs and Sis Cassell

Hello Family!

Thank you all for you letters this week! I appreciate them all so much! I have the best family and friends:) I would just like to say Happy Birthday to my AMAZING mama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE you sooo much. I am convinced I have the worlds best mom 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

So This week was good…not too much to tell. But we are working HARD! This last two weeks of the transfer we are going to make the best yet! I cannot wait! We are determined to have a Baptism together! I know that our efforts are not being wasted, we are still serving the Lord, But we just have soo many great people who are so close to making a very important decision. I love the people we are teaching. One thing I have learned while out here is that LOVE should be the motive of everything we do. If we are doing things for any other reason, we should stop and re-evaluate. I am out here serving the Lord for one reason and that is LOVE. I LOVE the Savior,  I LOVE His Gospel, I LOVE my Father in Heaven, and I LOVE the people in the Tacoma Washington Mission. If we have LOVE in our hearts, we will be happy.

The investigators are progressing still! No one came to church this week so we have to push Baptismal dates back 😦 It is so sad when you can’t make the person understand why it is so important to accept our Savior and choose to follow him by Baptism. The way we show our LOVE and devotion to our Heavenly Father and our Savior is OBEDIENCE to the Commandments. One thing we are commanded to do is to be Baptized. We are lucky enough to have this restored gospel with the restored Priesthood Authority to make Ordinances, such as Baptism, valid. We taught a lesson to a recent convert named last night. He got Baptized maybe a few months ago and he hasnt been coming to church. We had a lesson with him last night and we told him a few things that we didnt even plan on. I felt the Spirit literally tell me what to say and it touched my heart SO much I almost wonder if it was what I needed to hear as well. I know it was. I taught him WHY it is important to be an active member of Christ’s church. It is not the “Mormon Church” it is CHIRST’S church. When we are doing the things we are commanded to do, God blesses us. He has to or he would cease to be God. I know one of the biggest blessings I receive when I am being obedient is peace. Peace to know that I am well with God. That is the biggest blessing of them all. I want to live my life in a way that my Heavenly Father would be proud of me. Our Savior came to earth to suffer for us and to show us how we should live. I would not want him to die or suffer in vain for me so i will spend every day serving him the best I can. I am SO happy and although there are days when it can be very tough out here, I just remind myself why it is that I am out here and then I always feel better. Two people can do anything if one of them is the Savior. I have a strong testimony of that and of the perfect restored gospel. One thing we always have to remember is that the people are not perfect but the gospel is. The gospel is the antidote to wandering and we are lucky to have it.

I will end on a couple funny stories!

FIRST:  During tracting this week we found these two 12 and 13 year old little boys outside playing. They are Neighbors. The 12 year old  is SO cute its not even funny. He reminds me EXACTLY of Koda from Brother Bear. haha. And the 13 year old is darling too. They meet us twice a week outside their houses and we teach them! They are so stinkin cute! They are totally into it and listen very well. We have taught them twice and each time we bring baked goods and act out the lessons for them. it is so cute. I LOVE THEM!

Another fun thing that is happening is that Mcquivs and I have named EVERY member in our zone (there are 18 total i think) after a Disney Character. Hence the title of this email 🙂 It is SO fun! haha. We have to find ways to entertain ourselves out here. He call everyone by their Disney Names on P day and we crack ourselves up. The elders with Major Male Egos get not so good characters. and the Elders who are respectful of us get the best characters. It is sooo funny because they all know their names by now (its been going on for a while) and they totally respond to it. We named ourselves, the other sisters, and a few of the Spanish as well. I am Gus Gus from Cinderella (of course) and Mcquivs is Jessie from Toy Story!

The mission is doing a mission-wide activity this week called Camp Zion. We are all going up into the woods on thursday for some fun! we get to wear regular clothes! How lucky are we?? We get to do a ropes course and a bunch of zone unity activities. Then we have lunch and get to be spiritually fed! Then we have some speakers and then a big dinner provided by the mission. I am SO excited.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good week! And Happ Birth again Mom!


Sister Cassell


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