The Gathering of Israel


Two Great Companions!

The Foursome!

The Foursome!

This is one of their recent convert's baby :)

This is one of their recent convert’s baby 🙂


Hey family!!!

Sorry for the confusion but apparently I am emailing on Mondays again! I only have like 20 minutes to write too 😦 so I am sorry but this is probably going to be really short!
So this week was transfers……and I am going BACK to Lacey!!! …………………………Just Kidding!!!!!! I am STAYING in Tacoma! Yay yay yay! I am so happy because we are working with amazing people. I am in one of the best places in the mission so I am glad I am staying. So this week we had a little miracle. McQuivs recent converts referred us to their daughter and her fiance’. I guess elders have tried to teach them before and they have refused but now we are teaching them!!! AND they are getting baptized on the 12th!!! So this is how it all started…McQuivs and I were teaching (the parents) an after baptism lesson, and their daughter and fiance’ were there, they recently moved back in with them. They were totally listening to our message about the Savior and the spirit was SO strong. They told us that they wanted to change their lives around because the way they were living was not good for them or for their children. They said that they wanted to start taking the missionary discussions from US! ahhh! We committed them to stop smoking, drinking, and everything else. They are two of the most solid investigators I have ever worked with. We have taught them about three times this week and they were at church on Sunday! They are super solid and ready to go! They just need to stop smoking and drinking. (Which they are doing :))
Our other investigators are still progressing. They just all missed church again this Sunday, but we are NOT giving up on them! Everyone has been sick this week..including McQuivs and I so it has been really slow. We had two new investigators at church besides the two I just told you about. This woman and her husband. We have not taught them yet. We will be teaching them this week:)
Life is good here in the Wa-Tac. It is rainy and cold but that’s Washington for you:) I am soo happy to be staying here in Tacoma! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary and I am so grateful to be here.
One quick story. In gospel principles this week we learned about the gathering of Israel. I never really have put much thought into it before until yesterday. We have an amazing gospel principles teacher, her name is Sister Bates. She is the bishops wife. What I got out of the lesson was that we are in the last days and it is our jobs as members of the church to gather Israel. Eternal Life is kind of a big deal and each of us need to do our part in gathering those who aren’t members or those who have fallen away. The prophesies are being fulfilled and now is the time to gather. That is why the missionary age has been lowered! We had a member of the Quorm of the 70 come speak to our stake this week and he said that the Prophet did not know he was going to lower the sisters age that day until he said it. He was completely prompted. (and i am SO GLAD!) Another thing that was discussed in gospel principles was that with the plethora of missionaries going out now, missionaries will be able to teach in their own countries. They are keeping missionaries in their own countries now. She said that the Brethren have talked about how sometimes we forget how important it is to teach those of us right near by. The gospel is the gospel and it needs to be shared with everyone! That just made my testimony grow stronger that I am where the Lord wants me to be and even if I were called to serve in the Salt Lake City mission, I would be happy to do so because this is the Lord’s work not mine. I know this church is true and I am more than happy to be a part of this great and marvelous work:) I challenge everybody (including myself when I get home) to be better member missionaries because the Lord needs us! 🙂 I love you all so so much! Have a good week!
Love, Sister Cassell

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