This is For all You Disciples

Here is a Rap for all you Disciples out there…..


Wake up in the morning bright and early

Roll out hit the floor drop and give me 20

Roll over on my back maybe do some crunches

If I wasn’t on the mish you know its a million lunches

I walk out the door, my skirt lookin’ so fly

I’m a missionary I got that twinkle in my eye

I’ll be defending Joseph Smith until I die

So if you be hatin’, just wave bye bye..As I

Turn to the side and hop in my ride

I have got some boots…they break every other day

On the door I am so smooth

They call me Michael Buble’

So here we do it the WA-TAC way!!!


Hey there Mi Familia!!! I am so grateful for all of your emails today. Family, It sounds like you had a blast in Disneyland! I love you all and miss you so much.
This week was not the best of weeks unfortunately. It turns out that our solid six are not so solid.  The Cambodian guy moved to California. The 20 something guy moved to Montana. The younger couple are in the process of moving so we haven’t been able to teach them. And the two young boys’ mothers both had a miniature freak out that their children wanted to be baptized so they are no longer allowing them to come to church. (That was the worst news of them all.) Sister Mcquivey and I were heart broken to say the least. The whole ward is involved with them, and we got their mothers to agree to let them at least come to mutual. So that is good! I love them so much and I KNOW they are elect. They will be baptized some day. Our other couple are still anxiously awaiting the day of their baptism! We have been teaching them in the hospital once a week while she is on bed rest there. We got some news from the woman’s mom this morning….She had her baby today. 😦 She is only 2 pounds and not doing too good. It is very sad…pray for them.
On the bright side…we had one of the solid 6 stay on date for Baptism. The daughter of a recent convert/less active. She is still on board with it. We are teaching them this Thursday at 7! Things are going great with that family! The daughter and her mom came to church on Sunday and her mom texted us after saying that her Fiance’ agreed to take eternal marriage classes from the church!
On another bright note….we received a promising referral. Do you guys remember Elder Teuscher from Lacey? He was my district leader and we shared the ward with him. Well he used to serve in Mt. View ward and asked me to check up on a family he used to teach. Well we did and now we are teaching their daughter!
It was a sad week but I know that I am doing my very best and working my hardest so I know that even though we have only had one baptism since I have been here, they will come. I know they will. I have been lucky to teach these AMAZING people and hopefully planted a seed in each of their hearts. It is a rough area for people to keep commitments. There are tons of people that will allow you to teach them here in Tacoma but they just don’t understand the importance of Baptism. We are going to keep working hard and try to have the Spirit with us more fully as we express our testimonies of Baptism and Enduring to the End.
My personal studies this week have been amazing. I would quickly like to share a scripture with you all. I was reading in Alma chapter 5 again. I came across verses 16-19. It really touched my heart. It talks about how when we see our Father in Heaven and our Savior again if we will be able to have them say “Your works have been the works of righteousness”.  I hope that when I am done with my mission that I can say that I have done my all and that my works were good. I also hope that I can say that about my entire life on earth. I hope that I can look up to God in that day and say that I have a pure heart and clean hands, having image in my countenance. That is a goal we should strive for each and every day. A challenege I challenge to all of you is when you lay down at night, ask yourself if you have done the works of righteousness. I know that by doing so we will be progressing instead of staying the same. In return, I know we will be happier 🙂
One more thing! On Saturday, President invited all the missionaries in the Tacoma zones to come to his house to carve pumpkins! I was sooo excited! I have never been invited to his little get togethers because I was always way too far away in Lacey! When I got there I found a surprise!!!!!!!!!! President and Sister Weaver’s daughter and her family were there! They are in our stake and Ri is good friends with their granddaughter Briana! They had bought me my one pumpkin to decorate and send home to you guys! They said they would personally come and deliver it to you guys at your house! So make sure they didn’t come while you were in Disneyland! President and Sis Weaver were so excited to us meet each other and talk. It was such a cool surprise! I was so happy! And a tiny bit sad because it made me miss you all!
                      Sister Cassell and Briana
Know that I love you all and miss you so much. You all are in my prayers every day. I am doing great and so so happy! I love being a missionary 🙂
Sister Cassell

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