Big News!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

This is going to be the shortest email because we had an emergency exchange today!

so here is what happened. 

-Sister Mcquiveys new Cambodian babies came today! Fresh from the MTC! So she is now strictly cambodian teaching! Therefore, I needed a new companion! So I got my new companion a week earlier than everyone else! (transfers are next week) . So Mcquivs and here two new sisters are living in our same apartment complex… just a different apartment. I AM STAYING HERE IN MOUNTAIN VIEW!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and my new companion as of today is Sister Packard!!!!!!! Okay so Sister Packard has been the SIster Training Leader (girl zone leader) my entire mission and I have looked up to her SO much. She is one of the BEST sisters out here and I am so so lucky to have her as a companion! We are going to work so hard and just be a dream team! I have gone on exchanges with her twice since I have been out and we get along soooo well!!!! How did I luck out again??? She is sooo funny, bubbly, and converts everyone she teaches. It is going to be the BEST transfer! Sister Esplin said that it is a big deal that I got put with her! She is going to teach me so much.  So that is why my email time is cut short today because we had to exchange companions and pick up the new sisters. So that is all I have time for but l am so so happy about this new companionship and life is good! I expect the work to be going well this trasfer 🙂 I love you all so so much! Have a good week!

Love, Sister Cassell 


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