Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!!!

Man I would have to say that I am the most spoiled missionary out here. Thank you all for your cards and packages last week and this week!!! I am always so spoiled. I feel like I do not deserve any of it!

Well, we had a much better week this week!!!!! Do you guys remember the investigator who came to general conference? Well he is homeless and phone-less so we kind of lost him for a while there. He is seriously so prepared though! He is only homeless because he moved out here from Kenya with absolutely nothing. He is working a couple jobs though and is doing so well! Sunday morning before church we really felt like we should try to find Peter. We prayed super hard that we would find him. We knew that he would be at one of two shelters and the first one we tried we found him! It was insane! There were TONS of people so it was a miracle we found him! He was sooo happy to see us and asked if we could get him a ride to church! So he was there and he loved it! We are teaching him again on Thursday and just hope and pray that he will get Baptized soon!

Also, the little girl we have been teaching was at church this Sunday too! She will get baptized hopefully next weekend!

I can’t remember if I told you guys about another woman or not? We tracted into her a week or two ago and we taught her this week! When we went over to teach her, her boyfriend was there and we recognized him! He used to be in our ward! So that was waaay cool! Her boyfriend is a Mormon! We put her on date to be Baptized too!

We had another little miracle this week. A couple days ago we knocked into a man. He and his wife are empty nesters and have been living in the area for about 6 years. As we are talking to him we find out that he had been investigating the church 6 years ago in Idaho! He said that missionaries used to teach him! We asked him why he was never baptized and he said because he moved here! He said that that was the only reason! We are teaching him and his wife tomorrow night and I am soooo excited! He was so cool!

It seems that we have a whole new pool of investigators huh? The young boy’s moms still wont let us teach them so they have to be on the back burner for now 😦 it still bums us out so much. Our other 2 women investigators are still investigating but we only have like two weeks left and we have prayerfully considered putting them on the side for a bit so we can really focus on getting those committed, baptized before transfers! Mcquivs new Cambodian speaking sisters are coming into the mission a week earlier than transfers so that means next week!!!!!!! Since it is a week before transfers, we will all be together for a week and then either I will stay and get a new companion or I will leave and there won’t be english speaking sisters in Mt. View anymore. It is kinda of sad to think about that because if there are no more sisters here than all of our investigators might not get baptized for a while 😦 I hope I stay! But I at least have 2 weeks left:) I hope I get to see at least one of these amazing people get baptized!

I am so lucky to be working with each of them. I love love love being a missionary. That is all for my update for the week! I hope this wasn’t too boring for you all. haha. Life is good here and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE serving in Tacoma! We get a lot more teaching opportunities. It is so fun! I love you all! Have a good week! 🙂

ps. It is Halloween this week! From 3-9pm our whole zone gets to go to the church and eat, play games, and watch approved movies! That should be fun! Mcquivs and I are gonna make some yummy treats for everyone! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Sister Casp



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