Hey everyone!!! 

Thank you all for your letters this week! I truly am spoiled. I love you all so much! 

So this week was awesome! Sister Pack Pack and I are working VERY hard! I am not sure if I mentioned him last week, but one of our new investigators is a miracle. He is the best investigator you could ever ask for! We teach him almost everyday, he attended a baptism with us, he wants to be baptized asap, and he came to church!!! He is so solid! BUT he has a smoking addiction 😦 He wants to get baptized this weekend but we are not sure he will quit by then. Please please please pray for him. We are going to have him get a priesthood blessing this week! He needs it! He is sooo funny too. He never tries to be funny but during all the lessons Sister Packard and I have to bite our tongues to refrain from laughing our heads off! For example… this is what happened earlier this week.

Him– “So Adam Smith is the prophet today?”

Us— “Are you talking about Joseph Smith?”

Him– “No I know who Joseph is!”

Us– “The Prophet today is Thomas S. Monson”

Him– “WHAT! How did I come up with adam smith?!”

Then he sits there for ten minutes with this confused look on his face while we keep teaching him the Plan of Salvation when during the middle of my sentence he bursts out of his chair and says “OH MY GOSH! THE DEVIL IS KEEPING HIS NAME FROM MY MIND!” Hahahaha. He was convinced that the devil was trying to tell him Adam Smith was the prophet today! Hahaha but at least it built his testimony in President Monson!

Also one time, we brought our ward mission leader (brother hatch) to a lesson with us and then the next day our cute investigator said…”When I was listening to the apostle of the Lord speak I really felt the spirit.” and we said..”When did you hear an apostle speak?!” and he said … “Well, just yesterday! You were there!” Hahaha he thought Brother Hatch was an apostle. It was great. Our bad I suppose:)  SO that is our new investigator for you! We love him!

Another investigator is progressing again! We took every fear he had of Baptism, wrote it down on a piece of paper, then ripped it up and crumpled it! He is SOOO ready to get baptized. He feels it. He is soo pure. He is the one who came with us to General Conference. He is from Kenya! We set a baptismal date for December 7th so pray for that one too!  I love love love Him! He is one of my favorite people that I have taught. 

Another man is also still meeting with us as well as a young man! It is good. We have met a lot of new people these past two weeks that have great potential! We met a Philippino family of 5 who are VERY interested and also a India family of 5 we are teaching too! We also got two referreals from Salt Lake of people who have specifically requested missionaries and they are in our area! Wahooo! The lord is blessing us! We are soo lucky to be teaching these amazing people! Being a missionary is so so fun! I cannot even tell you how many times we have heard from general authorities and church leaders to “Hasten the Work!” I am sure you all have heard it too! Now is the time to gather Israel! I challenge you all to ask the missionaries in your area if you can attend a lesson with them at least once a month! If I can do it, anyone can! It is an amazing way to feel the spirit and God’s love. There is never a day where I don’t want to be a missionary! I am not sure if you guys know this or not but the General Authorities have said that we no longer are to get together with our zones on P day. We also cannot eat with members past 5 because that is prime proselyting time. We are allowed to get together with our zone 2 times a transfer. THese new rules are different but I am grateful for them. I know that it is what God wants and it is a better way to stay focused on the work. Now is the time to work!

I Love you all so so much! I will close with a funny story. We are teaching a lady (occasionally). She has been investigating for a year and a half with prior missionaries. She has this HUGE black dog who is very very hyper and doesnt know her own strength. The other day, we knocked on her door for a lesson and as she was inviting us in, she was trying so hard to hold her dog (Layla) down from jumping on us. I told her that it was okay and to just let her free! Because I love dogs! She looked at me with concerned eyes and said “you sure?” I said “Yes, yes of course!” so she slowly unleashes her dog. It was straight out of a movie…I see the dog coming running at me from across the room full speed while slipping on the wood floor. The floor shakes and I immediately start to second guess my request when.. BOOM! She hits me and knocks me straight down! Good thing there was a couch behind me! That dog has massive strength! Hahahhah! It was sooo funny! She stayed on my lap for the whole lesson and was about twice as big as I am. It was sooo funny! (I secretly was in heaven). 🙂

Welp! That is it for now folks! Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!!! I forget! AN APOSTLE IS COMING TO SPEAK TO OUR MISSION ON SATURDAY! how cool is that! One of the 12! They told the mission presidents in Washington that one would be coming and He chose OUR mission! Ah! we are all sooo excited. It is so cool! I cannot wait to tell you all about that:) 

My comp and I are getting along GREAT and having so much fun. She is amazing! She really does teach me a ton. I love being a missionary and I can’t wait to talk to you all on Christmas! It will be a great day! Ps…I hit my 6th month mark last friday! CRAZY!


Love, Sister Cassell

Sister Cassell and her companion Sister Pack Pack

Sister Cassell and her previous comp Sister McQuives


The Sisters


Transfer Day


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