Graditude <3 How many drops did He shed for you?

Hello mis amigas!!! 

So this may be another short email because of my lengthy thanksgiving email sent to my father for him to read to all my family members on Thanksgiving Day. 

I have some things I do want to share with you though. Elder Neil L. Anderson of the quorum of the 12 came to speak to our mission this week. It was an incredible experience. It confirmed even more to me that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I could feel the spirit so strong and I KNOW he is an apostle of the Lord. He focused a lot on the atonement of Christ. I made it a goal to understand that more so I can better teach it. I want to direct my email this week mostly towards the Savior and His Atonement because it is Thanksgiving this week. The thing we should be most Thankful for is the Savior. 

I spoke in sacrament meeting this week on Gratitude. I am very grateful for that opportunity because I was able to really focus and study on that. I really needed it. I need to be more grateful. I thought it went right along with what Elder Anderson taught us about the Atonement. If anyone is every struggling with things to be grateful for, then just study the Saviors life and Atonement and it will be the ultimate antidote for an UN-grateful heart. 

There is this talk I was able to read this week by Elder Faust about the Atonement….I totally forgot what it is called… but here are a few notes I took that stood out to me.

“How many drops did he shed for me?”

“If we will return unto the Lord, he will ABUNDANTLY pardon.”

We all sin. We all hurt. We all fall short. I do not know a lot of things (not nearly as much as my companion) but there is one thing I am sure of and have become more sure of this week. That is, that the Savior, Jesus Christ, is REAL. He is as real as that person standing next to you. He DID come to the earth and he WILL come again. We need to be ready. The number one and only thing that motivated the Savior to do what he did was LOVE. He loves every single person that You and I know. He loves us…we are able to be made clean because of him. I know this because I have experienced it myself. The only way we can understand the atonement is to USE it. Repent repent repent! Every single day! Elder Eyring said in his talk this past conference that the number one way he feels happiness in this life is by putting himself in places where he can feel the atonement.
****That, my friends, is that ultimate gift. And the ultimate thing we should be grateful for this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.*****

If we are struggling with our faith in the Savior then there is a remedy!!! It is called the Book of Mormon. Despite all the anti against it…IT IS TRUE. I know it you guys! I read it for two hours a day! It has brought me to an un-denying knowledge of our Savior! 

So one more thing. Our new investigator from last week IS AMAZING. It amazes me the love I have for him. He is so darling! He came to church again this week and is doing better on his addictions! Last night was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had on my mission. The elders, our ward mission leader, and us sisters had a movie night at the church with him. We showed him the Testaments. At the very end of the movie, The Savior appears to the Americas. The spirit was sooo strong at that part. When the movie was over, Sister Packard and I bore our testimonies simply on the Savior. I felt his love so strongly for everyone in the room. It was so cool. And guess what??? Then HE BORE HIS TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!

Pray for him to get baptized!

Oh…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my companion. Words cannot describe. She is like a woman prophet. She is sooo spiritual. She never talks badly of anyone, she never complains, she always works hard, and she is sooo funny! We get along great and have a ton of fun every day. I learn a lot from her and she is helping me a ton with our investigators here. 



Sister Cassell



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