The Doll House

HELLO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so happy today! Today is just a good day. I was soooo happy to hear all about Thanksgiving! Dad, I am so glad that you went into all that detail because it made me feel like I was there! I am SO happy that you all had such a great time. Nothing could make me happier than knowing all of my family was there together and loving each other so much. I hope you all know that I meant what I said to you all and I love all of you so much.

I forgot to tell you guys about Thanksgiving! We had SO much fun! First, we went to the Twiggs house. They are a couple that Sister Packard taught and baptized in another ward here in Tacoma. Two other sets of missionaries were there too so that was really fun. After that, we went to ANOTHER thanksgiving dinner at one of our ward members houses! Needless to say, we had TONS of food. Later on that night, all the missionaries in the Tacoma area got to go over to President and Sister Weavers house for some fun! Ah! I am so happy that I am serving in one of the Tacoma zones so I could go! We had tons of fun playing games, singing, and eating more food. I got to see Espy (I get to see her lots now that she is in the Tacoma West zone) so that was fun! I miss her so so much! She is still my best friend out here! I love her.
So this was a very good week! We are really focusing on our new investigator. He is trying SO hard. I have never met someone who has given up everything to be baptized. He KNOWS that it is true and he so badly wants to be baptized. He is still struggling with the addictions 😦 But he has made some extreme progress! He is amazing. We love him so much! The ward loves him so much! He came to church again this week and loved it. He reads the Book of Mormon daily! If he stops his addictions for at least 5 days straight, he WILL be baptized on Saturday. Pray pray pray for him!
As for everyone else…..well, one guy is out of our area now so we cannot really teach him 😦 But I know that he will be baptized one day. We are going to call him today! And another lady… is not coming to church so she can’t get baptized:( she may not be ready now but she will someday.
We got 14 new investigators this week though!!! That is the most I have ever gotten in a week on my mission! It is crazy! Out of the 14, there are several that are so solid! We just need time to teach them:) Hopefully we can Baptize some of them soon! We are totally booked for appointments this week and have soo much to do that we really have to prioritize. It will be a good week 🙂
That is about it for this week! I will leave you guys with a funny story. We went on exchanges this week and so I got to go serve in another area for a day! I went with Sister Chipman who was one of my DEAREST friends in the MTC. We had a blast together. Meanwhile…here in Mountain View, Sister Packard and Sister Wilkins met a lady. She is a doll hoarder. The next day (exchanges were done) Pack and I went back to see her. Pack REEEAALLY wanted me to meet this lady! I was a little nervous because there is just something unsettling about dolls. When we walked through the door my jaw hit the floor. There were MOUNTAINS of dolls EVERYWHERE! It was insane. No furniture, just dolls. In the middle of all the dolls was a big red throne where Faye sits, eats, and sleeps. Faye is an 80 yr old woman who is crazy. She is a HOOT though. She kept telling us that she “doesn’t want to get into the Normans.” and “I don’t wanna be apart of them Normans”. She is from the south and has a deep southern accent. No matter how many times we told her we were the “Mormons” she still kept saying Normans. Hahahah. She was a hoot! She picks up trash in her neighborhood and loves it. She calls it her “district”. She says, “Well girls, I gotta go clean up my district now.” She is definitely a lady I will never forget.
This area is the BEST area in the entire mission I am convinced. I hope I get to stay again for Christmas!!!! I love you all and thank you soooo much for all of your love and support! I also want to tell Miss Britney Russell a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much!
Sister Katie Cassell
Sis Cassell and Sis Packard

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