Birthdays, Babies, and Baptisms, Oh My!!!

My Favorite investigator WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello hello!! Oh my goodness family WHAT A WEEK! I have been completely spoiled in every way. SO much happened this week and there is SO much to tell. Unfortunately…I have to leave to Transfer meeting in like two seconds! So this has to be a short email 😦 I will do it in bullet points for the sake of time…



2. His baptism was THE MOST spiritual experience I have ever been a part of. Honestly you guys…I have never before in my life felt the spirit that strong. I thought I was going to fall over dead like they talk about in the scriptures. I could not get a hold of myself. I think it is because I have really grown to love Dean in a special way. I see God’s love for him. To see him enter the waters of baptism was truly a miracle. He was completely converted.

3. WE’RE PREGNANT! (mission lingo…everybody calm down.) Sister Packard and I got our transfer calls Saturday night and found out that we are staying together and training the one and only sister coming in this transfer!!!!!!! Wahoo! My first baby girl! (pack pack says that I am the mom because i am very “motherly” haha so she is the dad) Her name is Sister Wilkinson!

4. My birthday was INCREDIBLE. I got soooo many packages and letters I thought I had died and gone to heaven! THANK YOU ALL SOOO much. I can’t even thank you all enough. My ward was incredible too. The Wheelock family ( a family SO dear to my heart) had us over for birthday dinner at 4 and then later that night we went back over for cake and ice cream with all the missionaries! (we have 8 missionaries in our ward now…the elders, us, and the cambodian sisters. ) It was truly an amazing day! 

Okay I am waaay past time and we are late going to pick up our new baby! Love you guys!

-Sister Cassell


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