It’s Baby’s First Christmas!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I don’t think it has even hit me that I get to skype with you guys in TWO days!!!! ahhhh! I cannot wait. So speaking of that… Sister Packard’s aunt lives in our area and has been trying to see Pack Pack for as long as she has been out (a whole year) but hasn’t. President said that she can see her one time on her mission and so they are choosing this Christmas. So that will be great for us! We get to go to her house and have a yummy dinner and skype our families. Plus, half of the ward has invited us over for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have a good day planned for Christmas Eve too! We are so spoiled. We hope to spend some time with our new convert as well! 
So our brand new baby girl is doing GREAT! She is a solid missionary. Her name is Sister Vanessa Wilkinson. She is from Holliday Utah! She is so hard working! It seems as if she has been a missionary for a while. She gets along just great with Pack and I. We had nooo idea we were training and our apartment is sooo tiny! Our whole bedroom is like one giant bed because that is all that fits! haha! It is SO fun! We have had a fantastic week! We have just been going going going! We are really trying to be good examples for the baby. 
She has been quite the good luck charm for us too! We have found a lot of new solid people this week! We met this man and we took him on a tour of the church and we put him on date for baptism! Also, Pack and I met this lady the day before we Got Sister Wilkinson and we have been back to teach her this week and she is on date too! Also, I am not sure if I have mentioned the two families we have been working with before? well they are doing awesome too! One of the mom’s and her kids all came to church! The work is going so great and we couldn’t be more blessed. 
I have got tons of presents from everyone!! Birthday and Christmas! And I am happy to say that I have saved them all! So thank you everyone! I will open them on Christmas. I am one spoiled child. I really appreciate all everyone has done for me. I love you guys. I can’t wait to see you all on skype! 
This Christmas season is a very special time. I am so happy to hear that you all are taking the time to go out and serve others. I Love that! I just wanted to bear my testimony to you guys for this Christmas season. I know that Jesus Christ is real. He is our Savior. I have really come to know him more while being out on my mission. I will never understand the atonement fully but I do know that it is real and that it is a great blessing. I have received so many witnesses of Him while serving out here. Especially at Dean’s baptism. I know that how we can serve Him, follow Him, and come closest to Him is through this restored gospel. I know the restoration of the gospel has happened. I know that it is within this church. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. That is what keeps me going every day. There is NO greater feeling than feeling the spirit! It makes me feel happy and at complete peace. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and loves you guys! He expects a lot out of us. He wants us to be happy. I am sooo grateful to be on a mission. This has been a huge blessing for me and I wake up every day feeling so happy that I have a whole year left! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Cassell
Sister Cassell’s new convert!!!

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