SOoooo…. Much….Food!!!!!

Hello Family! thank you soooo much for ALL the MANY Christmas loves!!!!!!!!!! I got so much from friends and family! So thanks everyone!!! I love love love you all sooo much! 

This week there is not too much to tell because we were basically told to spend time with members on Christmas Eve and Christmas day! Plus, all of our investigators were so busy this week that it was impossible to get an appointment with them! 
What I really took away this week was love. I have SO much love for all of you. I cannot describe how good it was to skype you all!!! I really have missed you. You guys are so important to me! I loved being able to talk to you guys! It was the highlight of my Christmas! I get to talk to you on Mothers day again and then I will be home 6 months after that! Time is flying!
I love the people I am serving here in this area! I love our investigators, my companions, and my ward! Our ward sure spoiled us! We got gifts and love from them coming out of our ears!!! This ward is AMAZING! 
One update I will tell ya real quick! We had a lesson with one of the families we are teaching last night and it was super cool! They have six kids! I know I have mentioned them before. They came to Church the Sunday before Christmas! We had a lesson with them on faith and the spirit was very strong. We made progress with them! They are such a sweet family! We can’t wait to see what happens with them! 
I am so sorry this is short today! There isn’t much to say! I suppose I will go away! I hope everyone has a great day! 😉 haha! love you guys so so much! 
Sister Cassell 
Sister Cassell with one of her favorite things….Christmas Day!
More Dogs on Christmas!!! These are special to her because they remind her of Koda!
Sister Cassell, Sister Packard and (baby) Sister Wilkenson 

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