“How Do I Love Thee” — Jeffery R. Holland

Hello family!!!!!!

Man I cannot believe that I have been out for just about 8 months!! Time is really going by fast. I just wanted to start off today’s email by saying how grateful I am for the time I have gotten to serve here in the Wa-Tac mission. It is so interesting how different each transfer can be. I believe with my whole heart that you learn most of what you learn on a mission from your companions. Each companion has shaped me into who God wants me to be. I will say that although it is not always easy, it is nice. I have been thinking a lot on what God expects out of me this year, with it being the new year, and I will say that I have learned a lot these past three weeks.
    To be a disciple of Christ means that you have to be Christlike. Now, that does not mean that we have to be perfect. (Thank goodness) It just means that each day we should strive to narrow that large gap between our life and the Saviors. I think that the most important Christlike attribute is Charity. What is Charity? 
1. suffereth long 
2. is kind
3. envieth not
4. is not puffed up
5. seeketh not her own
6. not easily provoked 
7. thinketh no evil 
8. rejoiceth not in iniguity
9. rejoiceth in the truth
That is a lot! To me, these are not all easy. I have realized lately that I struggle with 6 and 7. It is not easy to be perfect at all of those but we can certainly try! When somebody wrongs us, is unkind to us, we MUST see them how God see’s them. Not only for our benefit but for theirs too. There is two things that helped me with this this week. 
1. Elder Jeffery R. Hollands talk “How do I love thee” 
2. Grandma Noni’s letter this week
If there is anything that you all could do for me it would be to read that talk!!!!!!!!!!! actually try to listen to it! It is more powerful I think.  It talks about husband and wife but it really can relate to EVERY relationship we have. It helped me a lot with the way I treat my companions, and the way I treat the investigators. 
Grandma Noni sent me a letter that I got last night and it said the sweetest thing in it. I do not have my notes or the actual letter but she shared with me a scripture. Colossians 3: 13-14 it talks about how we NEED to forgive others immediately and how “putting on” charity helps us. So any time that we feel “puffed up” we can just “put on” a cloak of charity and we will immediately feel better 🙂 
Okay so update on investigators:
1. One of our Couples with Kids : The Dad has TOTALLY changed and wants to get baptized!!! We have been bringing amazing members of the ward to lessons with them and it has WORKED! They could not come to church this week because they were all sick (6 kids) but we are shooting for next week:) they are on date for the 28th!
2. A guy we found 2 or 3 weeks ago who is solid. He is very sincere and things are going well with him
3. A lady we met a while back but sorta lost track of her but she came to church this week! She stayed all 3 hours and loved it! She had a great spiritual experience.
4. I am out of time!!!!
I am out of time so I can’t even finish my email! 😦 But life is SO good and I love all the people we are teaching SO SO much! We are so lucky! Baptisms shall be coming up!
Have a good week! Love you all! 
-Sister Cassell 

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