No Man Knows How Bad He is Until He has Tried Very Hard to be Good…


So I suppose that I will start off with a silly story. So on a mission, you become very close to your companions. You have to if you want to survive. We are completely honest and open with each other. Because of this, us three have gotten very close! The other night we were all snuggled in our one giant bed (the room is so tiny that the three beds form one giant bed) and we were singing all the Disney songs at the top of our lungs when all the sudden we hear a knock at our door….. the lady from below, poor thing, was SO angry with us for being “so loud every morning and night” ! We felt SO bad because we are SO loud. Haha! We truly apologized and told her we would be more mindful. It did take me back to a time when (at Liberty Square in Provo) we received a very unkind note from the girls below that our apartment sounded like a “herd of elephants” and “screeching pterodactyls” haha. I suppose that sometimes I am unaware of my loudness (sound familiar dad and grandma Dean?:) ) It is kind of like how Hercules is unaware of his own strength? Yeah. Anyways, we thought it was pretty funny. 
Another interesting moment we had the other night during tracting (which ended up being four hours long) was that we met a prophet!!!  We saw this lady out on her porch smoking and we decided to talk to her. As the conversation continued she made it known to us that “there was something we should know about her before we ever come back” we hesitated, but asked her what that would be. She said, ” I am a prophet.” Of course that wasn’t unusual for Tacoma so we were just sweet with her and answered any questions she had. At the end of the conversation we asked if we could pray with her. During the prayer ( I was praying) she drops to the floor and starts crawling towards us!!! She breaks out into a hysterical cry and starts mumbling under her breath! We were a bit frightened but we kept praying! Poor thing. It was definitely a moment I won’t forget anytime soon:) 
So as for the work…. this week was AWESOME!!! I can never remember what I said about our investigators the week before so it is always hard to update! Plus, their status changes every single day. I will just tell ya what I think. So, we have been teaching this 55 year old woman for 2-3 weeks (she comes to church every sunday) and she is getting baptized this week!!!!!!! Sister Packard and I met her last transfer but she kind of disappeared for a while. She found us and is now making incredible progress in coming closer to Christ. To see someone start to change is truly what keeps me out on a mission. To see that the Gospel Of Christ truly works is a HUGE testimony builder. I have really come to love all those we teach this week. Tina was VERY timid and broken when we met her (she has had a bad past) and the Atonement alone has changed her. She has given up coffee and cigarettes which she has both used for such a long time. We introduced her to our recently baptized convert this past Sunday at church they are PERFECT for each other. 🙂
We also got to visit with Sara. She was my very first baptism and she still holds my heart!!! We have seen her every week since I have been here so I don’t know why I haven’t talked about her. I have gotten extremely close with her these past 6 months. She is done taking all the new member discussions and is as solid as an ox. She was been pregnant with twins this whole time and is due any day! I got to feel them move in her belly last night and it was so cute! She is naming them Leahona (after the book of mormon) and Hope. She tells us all the time that she can’t wait for her 4 girls to be sister missionaries one day. 
One more family real quick. We met an AMAZING family this week! And guess what?! They are already married so they can get baptized any time!!! We met them on Saturday and they came to church Sunday and LOVED it! The ward just enveloped them and they are extremely interested. AND they have 5 kids!! We are so excited to work with them 🙂
Our other family is still progressing. We talked about word of wisdom and law of chastity this week and they took it surprisingly well! (two points for the spirit!) But they don’t want to get married that fast because they want their whole family and friends to be there. So they have to wait a bit 😦
There are a few more things to say but I am out of time! I love you guys so much! Thank you for all the love and support you give me!
Take care!
Seester Cassell 

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