Basketball, Church Tours and Less Actives

Hello Family!!!                                                                                         02-24-14

Another week has gone by in the great mission of Tacoma. I still love it here! I guess I forgot to mention this last week but guess what?? I am more than half way done!!! I guess I went over the hill and didn’t even know it!
So this week there is not much to tell unfortunately. It was just another week! Not much happened. It seemed that none of our investigators could really meet with us this week so we did a TON of less active member work. 
There is the cutest old lady that I wanted to tell you guys about. Her name is Willis. She is about 93 and she is SO so so cute. She converted to the church about 7 years ago and is still going strong! She cannot ever make it to church but she still believes in it with her whole heart. She is sooo frail though. Her doctor told her that she is going to die within the next month and it breaks my heart:( We have assignments from the ward to go visit her about 3 times a week. We have gotten really close to her and she just makes our day. She is the sassiest old woman I have ever met! She is so funny. She wanted a picture with us to hang on her wall next to the Elders that taught her a while ago so I will have to send that to you! She tells us all the time that she has a big crush on the elders that taught and baptized her. She says they are “soooo handsome” haha it is so funny. She tries to set us up with them all the time. I think she forgets that they are older now and probably married with kids. She also likes to cause “scares” in her house so that the handsome firemen can come check on her hahaha. Anyways, we just LOVE her. 
We also had a really cool opportunity this week to give some non members a tour of the church!! The Lakewood stake does this really cool basketball tournaments every year and TONS of nonmembers come and play. It is a great opportunity for members and missionaries to come together! So the other night we had a member call us and tell us to get down to the church because there were nonmembers everywhere! We got down there and ended up giving a couple tours to some black 17 year old boys! Haha. They loved it though! They all want to me Mormon they say:) It was a fun experience.
Anyways…The church is true my friends. I know it and I am happy to be out here serving the people that I love! I am so grateful every single day to be a full time missionary of our Savior Jesus Christ. 
Love you all so much!
Sister Cassell 

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