Our Trio’s down to Two

HELLO FAMILY!!!!                                                                          02-04-14

So this week was soooo good!!! I have to keep this email short because today is transfer day and we have to leave to transfer meeting soon!

I suppose I will start off with the main event!!! The family we’ve been teaching, the little girls got baptized!!!! Wahooo!!! Let me just say that it was the sweetest experience of my whole life. Those two girls are the most PRECIOUS little people I have ever met. We have gotten very close to them over the past couple months. They are sooo smart. When they had their baptism interview with our district leader they remembered everything that they have been taught! On their baptism day, they came running into the church just beaming! They were so excited! It was really fun helping them get ready and telling them how proud we were of them. It was like they were our little daughters! 

A man in our ward named Paul Barnes has been fellowship the family for a while and he got to baptize the girls. Paul is a single guy and the little girls just LOVE him! The baptism was very sweet and the whole family were in tears. The spirit was very strong! A TON of the ward members came and it made the family feel so good! The rest of the family will be getting baptized on the 22nd so I will get to come back for that baptism since I taught them 🙂 So I am happy about that! 

So….after six months in this beautiful land that I love, I am getting transferred! Today! The good news is that I am not going far! I am going to the zone next door! It is called Lakewood!!! Parkland ward. A lot of people call it LakeHOOD though. (sorry dad…its a bit more sketch than Tacoma..) My new companion will be Sister Davis! She was Sister Esplin’s companion right before I was Esplin’s comp! So that is pretty cool! She is a tiny little thing but I heard she is a little spitfire! I have met her a lot and she seems pretty cool. She is very tough! Haha I am excited:) Our zone is awesome!!! I know a ton of the missionaries there already and it is going to be a GREAT zone!!! I am excited to be somewhere new and to be where the Lord wants me to be!

It was reeeeaaally hard saying goodbye to the ward Sunday and yesterday. They were all WAY too kind to me. They spoiled me rotten! Last night I went over to the Wheelocks and we had a little goodbye party. I will miss everyone SOOO much. But I will just have to take you all up here with me in 9 months to come and meet them!!! Sound good?? Okay 🙂 Haha well I better go but I love you all soooo much! Thank you for all you do for me!

Here is my new address so that you can have it!

501  111th St. Ct. E. apt 0-304

Tacoma Wa 98445


Sister Cassell


The Baptism!!!





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