Reagan and Bush killed my mom!

Hello Family!!!!                                                                                       02-10-14

This week was a really good first week in my new area!!! My companion is Sister Jordan Davis and she is from Willard Utah. (I didn’t even know where that was….awk.) She is a country girl!! We have a lot in common. She LOVES country music and Dr. Pepper. She is so funny….her major has something to do with agriculture. She is going to be a straight up farmer!!! She hunts all the time and knows her guns better than any boy I know. She is a tough cookie! She also is a hard core Republican so I like that about her. 🙂 I told her that I want to be a Yellowstone National Park Ranger one day so that is when our friendship truly bloomed. Haha! AND she knows where Afton Wyoming is so that was good. 
So my area….I LOVE IT. I will be honest though…it is pretty crazy. Even President agree’s so I don’t feel too bad saying it. It does provide for a good laugh though!! Some of the ward members are AMAZING though. There is always good, faithful people wherever you go. A lot of the ward council is in-active so it will be a lot of member work this transfer. We are determined to change the ward around. We have a plan…don’t worry! I already love these people SO much and I haven’t even been here a week. They just need a little boost of lovin’ and they will be rockin’ missionaries. 
So my first full day in the Parkland ward was pretty crazy. I have been so excited to share it will you all! We try to do a member visit a day (so we can get to know the ward) so that is how our day started off. We decided to go visit a sister member. When we knocked on her door she was sooo excited to see us! She welcomed us in and was showing us pictures of her kids and telling us all about her life. All of the sudden she flips a 180 on us and throws out the phrase “Reagan and Bush killed my mom!!!” She starts getting veeerry angry at Reagan and Bush. Then, she proceeds to tell us that the Mormon church killed all of her children. She starts yelling at us and saying all sorts of crazy nonsense and then gets really up in my face! I had no idea what I had done to provoke this lady. Seconds later she was kicking us out of her house! Haha! It was crazy! So that was the first member I met.
The second member I met was sooo cool. Her name was Sister Checketts. She has the sweetest little family of 5. When I first met her, she looked at me and tears filled her eyes. She asked me if I recognized her…I sort of did but couldn’t remember from where. She reminded me that it was from Brody Cramer’s funeral back in Lacey. It turns out that she was really good friends with Brody’s mom. Do you guys remember that story?? So so sad. Anyways, Sister Checketts ended up emailing Natalie Cramer for me and told her I said hi. That was really cool. She said that Natalie is doing a little better. It was really nice to be able to talk to her about it. 
Tacoma had its first real snow in two years this week so the whole city was shut down. Church was canceled and we were locked in our apartment! So I didn’t even get to go to my first Sunday in this new ward! I was so sad! It was hardly even snowy out there but Tacoma is not used to snow so they didn’t know what else to do besides shut down the city haha.
We are teaching some GREAT people! The day after I got here we received a referral from a lady who referred herself on We went over and met her and she is SO cool!!! She is a single lady in her early 50’s. She is completely normal and is SO ready for the gospel. When we asked why she referred herself she said that it was because she had encountered many Mormons is her life and she noticed something different about them. We are sooo very excited for her.
We are also teaching this cute Samoan girl. The sisters had started teaching her before I got there and she is now ready to be baptized! We are hoping she gets baptized this Saturday!
Well family…my time has come. If you want to know more crazy stories then just ask because I have millions already!!! Haha! A homeless man was smelling my companion the other day. It was lovely. 
PS SISTER ESPLIN IS IN MY ZONE!!!! Do you know what this means????!!!! We get to do something together every single P day!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I could cry. We have already seen each other a lot! I love that girl!
Sister Cassell

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