The Little Light of Mine

Hello Family!!!!

Happy Late Valentines Day!!! Mom thank you sooo much for the sweet package!!!! Thank you to everyone else who sent me letters and stuff this week!! I am sooo spoiled! I am grateful to have to best friends and family in the world. 🙂
So this week was AWESOME!!! I know that I mentioned the Samoan girl to you guys last week. Well….she got baptized!!! 🙂 Ah I love that girl so so much! So let me tell you her story. She is almost 20 years old and has been dating a boy for about 5 years. He is LDS and has a strong LDS family. He has been trying to convert her for years! She just moved out here to Washington a few months ago from Alaska and referred herself on We started meeting with her and she got baptized this past Saturday!!! Her boyfriend flew in from Alaska and her non member family members were there too! It was one of my most special days I have ever been apart of. Her boyfriend was sooo happy that he was crying during the service. She got up and bore her testimony that she knows the church is true and that she feels closer to her Savior. It was a special day and I am SO grateful that I could be a part of it. 🙂
As for other investigators…we are still working with one lady. We taught her only once this week because she is super busy with her new job. She asked for Sunday’s off but they didn’t give her this Sunday off which means she didn’t come to church which means she cannot get baptized this Sunday:( it will have to be next Sunday!
This week was my first Sunday in the ward because last week was a “snow” week. The ward needs a lot of work. I love them all SO much but they need help. We attend ward council as missionaries and this ward council was one of the most contentious ward councils I have ever been in. If we ask for their help to bring investigators or less actives to church they refuse because of “safety issues.” It is hard but we have one of the 3 nephites in our ward so It is going to be okay! His name is Brother Childs and he is THE coolest man on the face of the planet. He should be the next prophet but it is okay that he isn’t because we need just normal members like him! He completely understands the aspect of “Hastening the Work” and does WHATEVER it takes to make it happen. He and his wife do SO much for this ward. It blows my mind. They moved to this ward specifically to be a service to the members because they recognized it needed help.
I also had to speak in Sacrament meeting this week! I was very excited and I may have been a bit too passionate….I took 25 minutes….eeeee!
Okay so funny story time. So Sunday we had Dinner at a members home. She is a single woman who is in her 40’s. Before we went over, Sister Davis warned me that it may be a little weird but she would not tell me why. It turns out that this lady has her homeless boyfriend living in her closet!!!!!!! I could not believe it. As we were eating dinner we hear this muffling of a mans voice…then out of the closet walks this homeless man! He was high on drugs ….super sketch. We don’t know why they are dating but she claims they are in love. But she is an active member and comes every week!
Okay family! I love you all so much! I am so grateful for the moments I have out here and I absolutely love it.
Sister Cassell
Sis Cassell and Sis Davis

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