The Toothless Wonder

Well hey there family!!!                                                                     01-28-14

This week has been CRAZY. There is sooo much to tell. I first just want to thank everyone for the incredible amounts of love and support I get from all of you. I am such a lucky missionary to have the best friends and family back at home! I love you guys more than you will ever know. 

So we had interviews this week with President Weaver!!! I LOVE interview time. It only happens every other transfer. I love President and Sister Weaver so so much! President cares about each one of us missionaries. Our interview was great and he really helped with a lot of things. I will probably be leaving to a new area next week because I have been in this same ward for 6 months!!! That is the longest a missionary usually stays in an area. I am sooo happy that I have stayed this long though because it the BEST area in the entire mission!!!! I have made life long friends here and it has become very sacred ground to me. I love love love it. I am very sad to be leaving. I am going to make sure that I use up every second of every day here since it is my last week! On Saturday I will find out where my new area is and who my new companion will be!!! It should be very exciting 🙂 I will be so sad to leave my two beautiful companions but I know that I need to go 🙂

So I am not sure what I even talked about last week as far as the work (the weeks all blend together) but our top priority right now is a dear family.They have four kids. They make my heart LEAP for joy!!! Oh my goodness we love them SO much! They honestly have given each of us wrinkles this past week though. They are a handful sometimes haha! So this is what happened. Tuesday night after email they dropped us. They were fed some major anti from the wife’s aunt. Their family members made them VERY apprehensive about getting baptized. Needless to say, we were crushed. I have never felt so much sadness in my life! We were not surprised though because Satan seems to wedge his way in just as someone is about to be baptized. That Devil! (haha) He did the same thing with Dean! But God will always win!!! We were able to have an INCREDIBLE lesson at the church last night. We invited our favorite ward family, the Wheelocks, and we watched the Restoration movie. The spirit was so strong and they said that they want to come back to our church. The father was crying and very touched. It was a MIRACLE!!! They told us that they would like to go ahead with the girl’s baptism this Saturday and hopefully they will be ready next week!!! Ahhh!!! How exciting!!!  I am so happy for them. We are fasting today and Sunday for them. 

That is about all I have for this week. As for my title…..prepare yourselves. Anyone reading this right now may want to take caution. We went on exchanges this week with the STL’s (Sister Training Leaders ) and I stayed here in my area and one of the STL’s came here with me. My companions went with the other STL in her area. So after tracting we drove to an appointment we had made with a lady. She is in her 40’s and she is a former Meth addict. She has no teeth at all and looks about 70. It is very very sad. She hears devilish voices in her head sometimes as a result of the Meth. She is seeking for Christ and wants to turn her life around. She couldn’t meet us at the church so we went to her home. It was a little scary. Her son lives there and sells Weed and other things…anyways, so we started teaching the lesson when her dog jumps up on her lap and starts putting her tongue all over her toothless mouth!!! It was terrifying! Trish was just laughing and saying that the dog always did that. It was not a pretty sight. She just keep licking all during the lesson so eventually we just left!!! 

Well on that note, goodbye family!!!! I love you very much! Thank you for all you do for me. I am very proud of you all. Mom, I hope you had a great trip with your friends! You deserve it! Dad, thank you soooo very much for sending me a letter every single day. It is the best part of the day! You are the best dad I know! Love you guys!!! 


Sister Cassell



The girl’s they are baptizing!







Their tresome companionship!



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