Sister Christians


This week was CRAZY!!! I guess I will start off with zone meeting!! On Wednesday we had our zone meeting and President Weaver showed up. (This is like the 3rd time president has showed up to our meetings) He basically called our zone to repentance and told us that we should be baptizing far more than we are. Which was true! Lakewood (the zone I am in) should be one of the top baptizing areas of our mission. The people are humble here and there are lots of opportunities to share the gospel. Part of the problem is that the members are not doing their part, but the other half is that we, as missionaries, can do a lot better. President said he doesn’t EVER do this but he promised our zone that if we do 5 specific things for the whole next transfer, we will see over 30 baptisms. That is at least 3-4 a companionship. That is really big for our mission! We were SO excited to hear that promise from one of the Lord’s representatives. The five things we have to do are:
1. Knock every night from 5-7
2. Talk to 10 people a day outside of tracting hours
3. Leave the apartment everyday by 10:15
4. Update area book every night
5. Pray for all investigators by name
After he told us this, I was sooo excited! We are already doing those five things anyways but we can always put more effort into them! I was really hoping that I would stay in this zone next transfer because of this promise and guess what?? Sister Davis and I are staying!!!! We are also getting a baby! We are training! This will be my second child. I am so excited:) We just found out last night though that she got sick in the MTC so she won’t be coming for 2 more weeks. 
We are working SO hard with this area. We are trying to help the ward members get more involved with the work. The truth is that the people we are teaching are not our investigators. They are the wards investigators. We had an awesome lesson with our 1st couple this week! Two actually!! They are SO excited to get baptized. Hopefully they will this week or the next! They want nothing more than to be sealed in the temple. It is so cute! 🙂
We haven’t been able to meet with the guy that had a son that was baptized and wants him to take the discussions at all this week but we are seeing him tomorrow!
Our 2nd couple came to church again yesterday and loved it. They want to be baptized so bad but they are not married….hate that!
Anyways, I am loving the work here in this area. We have a couple other investigators that we are working with that have great potential! It is so worth all the hard stuff about missions when you see miracles happen right before your eyes. I KNOW that the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal the wounded soul like it talks about in Jacob. It has healed mine. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The times that I am happiest on my mission are when I am studying the Book of Mormon or sharing it with others and seeing it do for them what it has done for me. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ is the head of this church. I am so grateful to be serving a mission because without it, I would not know my Savior. 
Thanks for all that you do for me! I love each of you SO much. I will end with a quick little funny story about Sister Decato. We were doing our weekly check up on her and she was just as funny as ever! I asked her what she had been up to lately and she replied “well about 5’2′ ” hahaha. She also asked us if we wanted some pills? Sketchy. 
Also, I forgot to tell you the story behind the title of this email! Occasionally we will eat dinner at this family’s house and whenever we show up their non-member son always calls out “mom, the sister Christians are here!” hahaha.
Sister Cassell

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