“You have me trapped in the tractor beam of your visual aesthetics.”


Wow oh wow!! What a week!!! I have a lot to say so I guess I will just jump right into it!
We got our baby!!!!!! She is a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Sister Elizabeth Bishop. She is from Washington DC! We got a call late Monday night saying that she had come in and needed to be picked up in the morning! I am so happy she is finally here. She is way cool! She is 21 and was studying at BYU before she came. She had worked at the MTC for two years and man, she knows her stuff. It seems like she has been on a mission for 5 years! We are convinced that she is a secret undercover greenie who was sent to watch over us. She is way fun too! The three of us get along really well so far and some awesome things are happening in Parkland! We have had a ton of lessons this week and a lot set up for this next coming week. There is not too much to update…We met this new man who wants to get baptized way bad! He just had his “locks twisted” though so he can’t get his hair wet for a couple weeks haha.
So general conference was this weekend!!! Oh my goodness was it amazing or what? If you missed even one talk go back and watch/listen to it! It was so good. I learned so much and I am just so grateful for the Prophet and His apostles. I love conference because it is a time when we can get our personal prayers answered. Each talk can mean something different to everyone. I know that my prayers were answered and I was spiritually fed this weekend! I thought I would just share with you a couple 1-liners from each of the talks that really stood out to me.
1. Elder Holland: “This world is hostile to the commandments today.” “Because I have spoken the truth, you are angry with me.”
2. Ronald A. Rasband: “Time, talents, and agency can be given to God to serve Him.”
3. Neil L. Anderson: “The world will not just glide calmly to the second coming.” “The worlds values are changing but we cannot change our ever if we are standing alone.” “In the gospel of Jesus Christ there is no room for bullying or ridiculing. “
4. Henry B. Eyring: “He has not quit, nor should we!” “Righteousness must be chosen.”
5. Russell M. Nelson: “Are we tied to God? Or something else?” “Truth is truth and it is not divisable.” “The temptation to be popular is put in place over God’s commandments. Wrong is NEVER right.” “Let us have the courage not to compromise.”
6. Richard G. Scott: “Loving them is the biggest influence we can have on someones journey back to God. We must trust that they once chose God’s plan, they will do it again.”
7. Robert D. Hales: “Be careful who you follow.” “Why do any of us choose to disobey when we know the consequences? It is because we love Satan more than God.”
8. W. Craig Zwick: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of thy mouth.”  “destructive words take us from hazardous to fatal.”
9. Dieter F. Uchtdorf: “There is one thing that can take away the bitterness of trials….Gratitude.”  “We shouldn’t be less grateful in times of trial.” “Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christ-like attributes.”
10. M. Russell Ballard: “Invitations without follow up are hollow!”  “The crops are plentiful but the laborers are few.”
11. Jean A. Stevens: “He has a plan to see you home again.”
12. Gary E. Stevenson: “Do you sense the urgency? Your four minutes will pass quickly…are you prepared?”  “I am a competitor, I want to do my best. But I want my components to do their best too. “
13. David A. Bednar: “The load the truck was hauling was what provided a way to get back on the road again.”  “Making and keeping sacred covenants yokes us with the Savior.”
14. Thomas S. Monson: “I love God and that means I love you.”  “Those mortals we meet are those God has given us to serve.”  “Blame keeps wounds open, only forgiveness heals.”
15. Boyd K. Packer: “Knowledge and intelligence come from diligence and obedience.”
16. William R. Walker: “No sacrifice is too great for the blessings of the temple.”
17. L. Tom Perry: “Those who are all wrapped up in themselves make a really small package.”
18. Lawrence E. Corbridge: “Why did they not leave Christ alone? Because he was the truth and the truth will always be opposed.”  “You are more than human, you are a child of God.”  “Revelation has not ceased, the heavens are not closed.”  “Which is more likely, Joseph Smith made it all up on his own or he had the help from heaven? He is either a pretender or a prophet.”
19. Michael John U. Teh: “Where our treasure is, that is where our heart is also.”
20. Marcus A. Aidukaitis: “One should not roam through garbage.”
21. D. Todd Christoferson: “We are accountable to Him.”  “Faith is more than imagination.”
22. President Monson: “May we always be found doing the work of the Lord.”
I would have to say that my favorite talks were Lawrence E. Corbridge’s. Elder Hollands, Elder Christofersons, Gary E. Stevenson’s, Robert D. Hales, and Richard G. Scotts. Ah! That was hard to choose. I take it back…all of them! But my favorite favorite was Corbridge!
I love you guys soo so much! I hope everyone has a good week!
Love, Sister Cassell
PS… The subject line of this email has a pretty funny story. We met a guy while tracting the other day and he said that to us! “You have me trapped in the tractor beam of your visual aesthetics!” Hahaha who says that?! We thought it was pretty great.
The new threesome :)

The new threesome 🙂

Katie with the "New Baby" Sister Bishop!!! Haha!

Katie with the “New Baby” Sister Bishop!!! Haha!

Those girls... haha!!!

Those girls… haha!!!


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