The Work and the Glory

Hello family!!!!

Another week has flown by! Transfer calls came and I am staying with baby sister Bishop! Davis has been here the longest so she is getting transferred to a really nice rich island up north. She is not too happy about it thought because it is MUCH more fun to be serving here! I am excited that Sister Bishop and I are staying together!!! I have only had 2 transfers in Parkland so I am glad I get one more. The ward is REALLY changing and the work is picking up rapidly! It is so fun to watch the ward humble themselves and try to help the Lord with His work. We have some of the most AMAZING ward members here. It is a very caring ward.
So I have some exciting news…..The two sisters got baptized!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!! It was probably the best baptism I have been to yet. They have gotten to know a lot of the ward members and the whole relief society just LOVES them and so we had an awesome turn out. They had both been introduced to the church a lot throughout their life so it was fun to see their old friends/teachers come from far away to see them get baptized. They both stood up and bore their testimonies at the baptism and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. They are SO cute. Their testimonies truly are amazing and have strengthened mine so much. I was able to bear my testimony on the restoration of the gospel and I was so grateful for that. I know it is because of the restoration that baptisms like this are even possible. The spirit was so strong the whole day! 
Another one of our investigators is hopefully getting baptized this week!!! He had to wait until Bishop was back in town because that is who will be baptizing him. He came to church again yesterday though and his spirituality is growing every single day. He is amazing! 
I got an email from Dean today and he is doing great! I thought you guys would like to know how he is doing. I love him so much! 
Well that is all I have for you guys this week! I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week! 
Sister Cassell
PS. I will hit my 1 year mark on the 15th! Soooo weird! 

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