To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God

Hello family!!!

My year mark is a few days away and I have done a lot of reflecting. A year and a half is NOT that much to give to the Lord. His work is the most important thing we can do as members of the church. I was looking back on my notes, journals, letters, all that jazz trying to see if I have changed. I hope that God has been able to mold me into who he wants/expects me to be. I am SO grateful for what the Spirit has taught me and I hope to retain what I have learned for the rest of my life. I have been doing a spiritual cleanse this week and I am trying to cleanse myself from all ungodliness. Moroni 10: 35 I am working on charity, gratitude, and obedience. I believe that these three things are what can truly make us pure.
Our investigator couldn’t get baptized this week because bishop had an unexpected work trip and so he will be baptized this Wednesday night πŸ™‚ He keeps texting us telling us how excited he is πŸ™‚ The sisters got confirmed yesterday and it was so sweet! The spirit was extra strong that day. The ward really is changing for the better! A lot of the members bore their testimonies and it was a really good fast Sunday!
It is weird that our trio is down to two! We really miss Sister Davis but things are going great with me and Sister Bishop. We are getting a LOT done. We are trying hard to find new people to teach because everyone we were teaching we either baptized or dropped them for a while until they are ready. It is going to be a good transfer!
I am really short on time today so I have to go but I love you guys so much!
Here are some pictures from this week:
1. P-day at the weavers home with the Lakewood Zone!
2. One of my best friends going home! 😦 (Elder Rhodes..served in Mt. View with him for 6 months)
3. Me, Sister Davis, and Sister Bishop being weird at transfer meeting
4. Me and some familiar faces (families from the Mt. View ward) who came to transfer meeting
5. The Lakewood zone in our matching hoodies
Sister Cassell

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