Six Months to Go!

Wow I cannot believe that I only have SIX months left! Time is seriously flying! I only have 4 transfers left. That makes it sound even shorter! I am so grateful for the time that I have had here. I really would not trade it for anything. Thank you mama and papa for making it possible for me to be here. I had a really good week of studying and reflecting on my past year and I hope to continue to grow and become who Heavenly Father wants me to be.

This week I have had the blessing to read some talks from the Conference Ensign from this past conference. I want to read every talk but I decided to first start with the ones from the Priesthood session because I didn’t ever get a chance to read them! I just finished the last one this morning. They were all SO good. They were by far my favorite from all the sessions. One of my FAVORITES (quite possibly my favorite from the whole thing) was the one from President Uchtdorf, “Are you sleeping through the Restoration?” In this, he talks about 3 main things that cause us to get a little “sleepy” during these last days. 1. Selfishness  2. Addictions  &  3. Priorities. He asks us, “Is it any coincidence that the Oxford Dictionary recently proclaimed “selfie” as the word of the year?” That is so sad! I feel that selfishness is Satan’s greatest tool and that is is the biggest problem the world faces today. I recognize a lot of it in myself. Especially before the mission. What is scary is that you almost cannot help it because it is what the world teaches you. But if you commit to putting God as your first priority, it is actually an antidote for selfishness. I realize now that my priorities a year ago were not where they should be. I want to make sure that when I come home from my mission that I will keep the same priorities I have now. My hope is that I have internalized the things I have learned out here and that they have become a part of me. I have 6 more months to grow more! I do have a testimony that in order to “yoke” ourselves with Christ we must serve others selflessly. “When we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God.” Mosiah ch. 2.  My companions have taught me a lot about this one. It is NOT easy being with someone for 24 hours every single day. It has humbled me. I look back at myself a year ago when Sister Esplin was training me and I now recognize how much pride and selfishness I had. I still have them! But I have tried to be better. I know that Heavenly Father is patient with our weaknesses (thank goodness)! It is our rebellion that he is not okay with. Again, those talks were awesome! Read/listen to them if you haven’t already!
This week was really awesome! We got to teach our recent converts the new member discussions and they are doing SO WELL! We had a couple members attend with us and fellowship with them. These past two transfers have been really sacred for me because I have had the special opportunity to watch these 3 people find the church, get baptized, and now endure to the end. Usually I get transferred before one of those! It is a special blessing. They are doing SO well and just thriving in the gospel. It has completely touched my heart!
We are still spending most our time finding new people to teach. We have really been working with the ward and asking for referrals. Hopefully it picks up again soon! 🙂 So I have a cool story for you. About 10 months ago when I was leaving Lacey and going to Mt. View, I received a referral from 2 elders who had previously served there. They told me to go see a girl who was ready for baptism! Well, I searched for her the whole time I was there but the residents now living in her house had said she’d moved. While in Parkland, I received a referral for the SAME girl but hadn’t been able to contact her. We tried again on Saturday and FINALLY found her! The first thing I did was hug her and say “I have been trying to find you for months!!! ” She was SO excited to see us and told us that she had been trying to find the missionaries again for a year. We are now teaching her so I am excited to see what happens with her. It just goes to show that God is very aware of His children!
We got to go to another fireside this week and we rode in the “mission van” with a couple other missionaries. Sister Packard (from Mt. View) and Sister Hardy (from the MTC) were there so we got to chat the whole way down to the fireside! It was SO good to see them. I love them both so much!
Life is good! I pray for you all every night! Love you so so much!
Sister Cassell

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