“Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good”

Hello Family!!!

So I know that Fathers Day was yesterday but I would like to give a little shout out to the BEST father that I know! My dad! I am absolutely convinced that I have the best dad. (Sorry to all the other daughters out there). I love you SO much dad. Thanks for always being loving, caring, supportive, protective, and there for me always.
Another week has flown by! I have now been out for 13 months! I went over the hill! I am dying 😦 it is so sad. But I am excited that I still have 5 full months left to enjoy doing the best thing in the entire world. 
So this week there is not too much to update on but it was still a great week! Sister Bishop and I are becoming better and better friends as the weeks go on. I really love her! This is the longest I have stayed with a companion so I am glad we are getting along so well! 
All of the recent converts are doing so great. They are all continuing to fellowship each other. They all have each others numbers and text all the time! Our one investigator is doing good, She wants to get baptized! But there is one problem. Her mom lives in Nevada (and is a member) and she really wants her to be there for the baptism. Her mom is not coming until next summer! So that is when she wants to get baptized. Pray for her! We are definitely hoping to speed up that process 🙂 We will find a way!
This week we got a call from Sister Weaver telling us that she had a referral from us! It was for her friend  and his two boys. She met him at the doctors office a couple times and became really close with him. She told us that we needed to go over to his house and invite him to church! She said if he comes then she and President will come too! Long story short, after much anxiety, they ALL came to church with us in the Parkland ward. It was so fun to have Joe and his two little boys (7 & 8) and the Weavers there with us for Fathers Day. What a great Fathers day we had! We can’t wait to start teaching him!
That is all I have for the week! I love you guys so much! Always remember that we are on the Lord’s side fighting in the greatest battle ever fought! “Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with GOOD.” Romans 12: 21… BE GOOD 🙂
Sister Cassell
Sometimes Transfers are hard…

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