The Field is White, already for Harvest

Hello Family!!!!

This week was AMAZING! We had three huge miracles!
1. Our investigator got baptized! We finish up the lessons with her, had her interview, and on Saturday she made the dunk! It was a VERY special day. Elder Teuscher and Elder Generoux taught her last year in Mt. View. On the day of her baptism she ended up in the hospital for months. A year later they were able to come back and baptize her. It was such a wonderful day. The spirit was so strong! The best part was that the sisters gave the talks at the baptism! It was so sweet to see how far they have come and how they helped teach and fellowship her. Me, Sister Bishop, Elder Teuscher, and Elder Generoux all sang the primary song, “When I am Baptized” . I know what you’re thinking dad….I know I can’t sing haha! We just thought it would be special for her to have all her missionaries sing. 
2. An older investigator is back on track! Do you guys remember the lady who we taught my first two transfers here in Parkland? She was married and they have a little two year old girl? She had gotten really offended at a Stake Activity and refused to come back to church. We had to put her on the back burner for a while and she slowly fell off track. Well, a lot has happened since then! She is divorcing her husband and really wanting to get back into church again. She came to the baptism and LOVED it. She cried the whole time. Then, she came to church on Sunday! It was a Christmas miracle! The best part is that her and the recently baptized lady are now the best of friends and looking to buying an apartment together! She has been very encouraging for her and is helping her get back on track. Would you look at that! Our converts are fellow-shipping our investigators! The sisters are such good friends with them too! It is awesome. We do a weekly Book of Mormon study with all of them and that has been amazing to be a part of. This has really strengthened my testimony of everything! I cannot express my gratitude enough! Heavenly Father has allowed me to sit back and watch the lives of these girls drastically change and form a solid friendship with each other. It makes me so happy to know that they will all have a friend when we get transferred. I love this church! 
3. The third miracle is that another investigator got baptized too!!!!!!!!! He is our 84 yr. old investigator. He is just darling. His whole family flew out for it. He has 4 kids and only 1 is a member. Her two sons and son in law came to baptize him. They all were in the font together. It was such a special sight to see. His gr.grandchildren sang “Teach me to walk in the light” it was so precious! The non-members that were there had a great time and you could tell that they felt the spirit. It was a special day for that sweet family! President Weaver even came! 
Well that is about it for this week folks! Oh……I guess that you guys want to know my transfer call eh?? I am staying again!!!!!!!!!! That will be 6 months! So I guess I am just destined to stay 6 months in all my areas. That will be good thought because I want/need to stay with all these cute recent converts! I feel good about it. Sister Bishop is staying with me too! It is insane! Everyone was shocked! We are so happy though 🙂 
Love you all! Have a good week!
Sister Cassell

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