Puppy Love

Hello Family!

Welp. The rain is officially back. I knew it was too good to be true! But don’t worry, this week is supposed to be significantly less rain. Pray for us.


1. Our single dad investigator is doing good! He and the boys came to church again this week and loved it! Before Sister Weaver left, she gave him a Book of Mormon with her testimony in it and that was so special for him. Guess who are there Primary teachers? The sisters! They are so so good with the kiddos.
2. The Weavers are really gone šŸ˜¦
3. The Blatters are AWESOME!
4. One investigator….still progressing towards baptism. She is still praying about a date! We are hoping that her family getting sealed is a push for her to get baptized! A lot of the ward has been fellow-shipping her and that has helped! I just love her and know that this is what she needs to do.
5. It is wet here.
6. Bishop Thompson’s puppies are growing fast and ready to sell šŸ˜¦ They are so fat and snuggly! (photo below)
7. We have a new investigator! The Spanish elders actually found him for us! He is, a single dad with two kids. Remember how a month ago our entire teaching pool consisted of young single ladies? Well now it is single fathers. Parkland is all about patterns I suppose! He is awesome. He see’s a need for church and wants to raise his kids in the gospel. We are going over tomorrow for a lesson!
8. I am not sure if I have mentioned another lady that we are teaching. Her son passed away last December and she has ended up with all his children. She is searching for peace. She needs the Savior. We are so excited to keep sharing our testimonies with her.


1. Do you remember the investigator we have been teaching forever, his son has recently joined the church over in North Dakota? He is always tells us that the church has changed his son’s life drastically. That is why he is investigating! He loves the change he has seen in his son. He came to church yesterday and Sister Bishop and I were telling the Elders about him when one of our Elders just started breaking down in tears. He pulled out a lighter with this guy’s sons name carved on it. He explained to us that he knows this family and taught the son a year ago here in Tacoma before he moved. He said that he had changed his mission and loved him so much. He told us that he had been suffering addictions of all kinds and that he and his companion spent every day with him trying to help him. He had suddenly moved to North Dakota and the Elders lost him. Elder Rasmussen has carried the cigarette lighter with him his whole mission and never stopped thinking about him! He had no idea he had gotten baptized! It was a cool story. We, of course, called our investigator and told him the whole thing.
2. Recent converts, a couple, from Mt. View got sealed yesterday! President Weaver and President Blatter gave me permission to go to their reception. It made me soo happy to see them enduring to the end! It was really good to see the Mt. View ward.
3. We got free cereal yesterday.

Well that is it folks, I sure love you guys!!! I am loving every minute of my time here. I want you to know how much I love the Savior. I have been studying his Atonement this week and I have realized that because of the Atonement, we don’t have to be perfect. With Him, we can be perfect. We do not have to do it on our own. I am so grateful for Him. I love Him!

Sister Cassell


Bishop's Puppies!

Bishop’s Puppies!


Cutest couple from Mt. View

Cutest couple from Mt. View


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