“God will make us good because he loves us.”

I had an incredible week this week! I am grateful for spiritual experiences. They make us happy and let us know that God is there!

Background Information: The ward I am currently serving in has had a bad history with homeless people. There are TONS of homeless people in this area. An elder serving here a couple years ago ended up baptizing a ton of them without teaching them, interviewing them, or anything. The Bishop, understandably, has had a hard time trusting missionaries/investigators since. We have earned his trust though!

So a couple weeks back, Sister Bishop and I were walking around and we ran into a homeless man. He was very different than any other homeless we had met. He was humble, meek, pure, and a good man. We have been praying for him and occasionally teaching him. We have received a lot of spiritual promptings to help him. We taught him the Plan of Salvation a couple weeks ago and he cried throughout the whole thing. We driving around on Saturday and we saw him! We immediately pulled over to talk to him. We hadn’t seen him in a while so we spent some time catching up with him. He has a rough life! It breaks my heart. We asked him if we could share a message with him. We taught him all about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He was uncontrollably crying, way more so than when we taught him before. The spirit was soo strong.
I wanted to share this with you guys because it taught me a lot of things.
1. It taught me that God doesn’t give up on his kids. I could honestly feel the love that Heavenly Father had for him.
2. It confirmed to me that the message of the Restoration was very true as well as the Book of Mormon. There is no way we could all feel that way if it wasn’t! I am grateful for little reminders like that.
We invited him to church for the next day but when we went and checked on him in the morning, he has gotten bit by a brown recluse spider a while back and had not done anything about it. The poison had created a crater in his leg and he had to go the the hospital! We hope he is okay 😦

We had interviews with the new Mission President and his wife this week! I LOVE the Blatters. They are very loving and just perfect for the mission. It is kind of weird having new ones because sometimes they don’t know what they are doing! President Weaver always knew what to do 🙂 They will get the hang of it though! They are great!

Our investigator and his boys are doing great! At our weekly bible study class this week Joe fell in love with a recent convert from the other ward! Haha! She is AMAZING and has been helping us a lot with the discussions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married! They are perfect for each other 🙂 He is still on date to get baptized with his son this Saturday! Yay!

Our other investigator is struggling with a lot right now. We are still working with him and hoping he continues to progress!

I love you all and hope you have a good week! No that I am doing good and that I LOVE my mission! Tomorrow is my 14th month mark! crazy!


Sister Cassell





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