The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Most Important Thing to Me

Hello Family!!!!

Another week has gone by way too fast. I am very shocked that another transfer has flown by as well! We got our transfer calls and all three of us are staying!!! We will finish training Murdoch this transfer. I am really happy that we are staying another one. With only one transfer left after this one, either me or sister K will be leaving to a new area for our last transfer. The Assistants don’t think Pres will let us both die here! (that means end our mission!) 😦 We are way sad about that but we will see what happens. 
I am so happy to hear that everything with Rilee’s surgery went well. Not going to lie, it scared me quite a bit! My companions and I fasted for her! I love you Rilee! 
The work is moving on….I don’t remember if I mentioned this last email but two of our investigators are not in our area so that has been a struggle 😦 We were not able to see one of them this week but we did see the other one. He is so solid. It never gets old teaching someone the truth and seeing the Holy Ghost testify to them that it is true. It is AMAZING. I wish I could do this for the rest of my life. He is SO excited for his baptism. Whether we keep teaching him or not and whether he goes to our ward or not, I don’t care. As long as he keeps progressing towards baptism, I am happy:)
Another one of our investigators is doing a little better this week. We worked out his true concerns about baptism and are slowly getting through them. I love his sincerity.
I am going to end now because there is not too much more to say but I just want to tell you guys again how happy I am that I am here. Every day here on my mission is so special to me. I wish all the time that I could have a camera recording my life so that you guys could experience this with me! Words cannot describe it. I used to like “church” stuff before my mission but now it has become so much more real to me. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me.
I love you guys so so much! I can’t wait to see you in just 12 short weeks.
Sister Cassell

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