Hello Family!!!!

This week was awesome! We had a full house at church again! Sunday’s are the most exciting days as a missionary because you get to see if the people you have been teaching come to church! We are extremely blessed to be here in the Silverdale 6th ward. The members here are incredibly aware of the new faces at church and do their best to make everyone feel welcome. All 7 missionaries agree that this is one good ward! I know I have mentioned the Barney’s before (our ward mission leader and his wife) but they have really been so helpful to the missionaries. They treat each of us like we are their own kids. It is so nice to have a home away from home. If there is anything we ever need, they take care of it. They are basically full time missionaries! They are only one example of the good people in this ward. Anyways, we had our investigator come to church again this week! It was fast and testimony meeting and the member that has been helping us teach him got up and bore his testimony of how grateful he was to have been able to sit in on the lessons because it has re-strengthened his testimony. It was so sweet. His whole family has become very close with him. It just goes to show that these really are not our investigators at all. They are the members investigators! And he gets baptized this Saturday! He is probably more excited than anyone I have ever taught! He is so ready. He is just grasping on to every ounce of the gospel and loving it. I cannot wait to see him five years from now.
We had a couple other people at church today, one of them we met one of my first weeks here in Silverdale and we haven’t been able to see him since. We got in touch with him this week and were able to teach him the Restoration. He is in his 50’s, very smart, kind, and has a sweet family. As we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon his eyes just lit up! He was thrilled! He said he believes it is true and that he would be at church on Sunday. Sure enough, dressed in his best, in he walks! It was so exciting! He even works with a guy in our ward! It was perfect. He is on date to be baptized on the 21st.
I cannot tell you how much joy this past week has brought me. My heart just swells with emotion to see these people grow and fellowship with the members of the ward. The best part of it all though is that I get to experience these blessings with my sweet companions. I love them SO much. Companions are definitely my favorite part of my mission because they are right there with you at all times experiencing the good and the bad with you. You learn to love them and see them as Christ does.
On a more upbeat note….my companions and I have started this intense work out routine. Because Sister K and I are going home in 11 weeks we decided to get our butts into gear and start doing P90X. Haha! A member in our ward is like a pro work-out woman and she gave us all the stuff we would need, a pull up bar, weights, the dvds, etc. We started last Monday and have been doing it every single morning and night. Lets just say that I don’t think I have ever been so sore. I don’t want to focus on “getting in shape” more than the work so it is more funny than anything. It is definitely hilarious to see the 3 of us attempting to do these workouts everyday. On the plus side though, it has helped us immesly with the work. We have more energy, we feel better, and we are NEVER grumpy! It is a miracle! Haha. Sister K always sends Murdoch and I rolling on the floor during each workout because she is absolutely hilarious trying to do each move. What is even funnier is somehow the whole ward knows about it and they all check in on us! Haha!
Love you guys sooo much. Thank you for all your blessings and prayers! Also, a little shout out to Rilee…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Hang in there sweetie pie. I am praying for you!
Sister Cassell
Ana's Baptism

Ana’s Baptism

Sleepover at the Barney's!!!

Sleepover at the Barney’s!!!

The Trio

The Trio


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