Zion’s Camp- Round Two

All I have to say is WHAT A WEEK. This week was absolutely crazy. We really only had 2 full proselyting days!!!!!!! It was crazy. Here was my week for you.

Monday- P day
Tuesday- Full proselyting day
Wednesday- Missionary Leadership Council day at Zion’s Camp
Thursday-Full pros day
Friday- Northern half of mission day at Zions Camp
Friday night- Ward talent show
Saturday-K’s English test in Seattle
Saturday night- General Woman’s broadcast.
That is not even half of what we did but you get the idea. I am grateful that today is P day! So I will begin by telling you about Zion’s Camp.
Zion’s Camp is a place in our mission where we can go and do a ropes course. We did it last year if you remember me talking about it. There are about 6 stations that you rotate through and try to accomplish with your group. There are groups of elders and separate groups of sisters. The trust-fall, the wall, the tire, the cable wires, the stumps, and the spiderweb. The purpose of Zion’s Camp is to create more unity in the mission and with your companions. Sister K and I got to go up Wednesday with the other STL’s and Zone Leaders to do a run through. The trained us on how to make it a sacred experience for the other missionaries. Our job was to run each element and make it challenging for them. We give them instruction and then they are to complete it on their own without any talking. At the end of each element, we discuss what can be learned. There is really no way to describe Zion’s Camp other than to experience it! I know for me last year it was a turning point in my mission. You learn a lot of spiritual things by physically struggling. For instance, you learn that the only way to accomplish each course was to only think of your companion and rely on the Savior. On Friday, Sister K and I were in charge of running two of the elements. The stumps and the cable wires. The cable wires is my favorite. There are two cable wires that run from one tree to another and the goal is to get you and your companion from one end to the other. The only way possible to do it is to push equally against your companion but we couldn’t tell them that. They have to stuggle and figure it out on their own. It is crazy because I hardly know anyone in the mission anymore! Everyone in our group were pretty new sisters. They were all darling and sooo young. When did I get old??
Friday night was our ward talent show and Sister Murdoch and I learned a song in Thai so we could all three sing it together! It was a little kid song about Elephants. I will send you the video. We had costumes and everything! The ward got a kick out of it. I don’t think we will be forgotten! But I know Thai now so that is cool! šŸ˜‰
I am running out of time but the General Woman’s meeting was soooo good. If any of you didn’t get to see it pleeeeease watch it! It was amazing. I learned so much. Elder Uchtdorf’s was my very favorite. He talked about preparation for covenants and how sacred they are. He said “Does God really care about how many pictures you have on Instagram and Facebook?” I feel like the world’s perspective and priorities keep getting further and further away from God’s. It really made me think about what kind of life I want to live when I get home from my mission.
I love you guys tons! Thanks for all the love and support!
Love, Sister Cassell
Zion's Camp

Zion’s Camp


Mission Leadership Meeting

Mission Leadership Meeting


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