Follow the Prophet

Hello Family!!!

Before I jump into my week I have a couple business items to mention. I guess you would all like to know that my flight for Wednesday, November 26th is expected to land at 1:30pm. I have no idea how I know that already…. 😦 Transfer calls are this Saturday. This Saturday I will find out where I will end my mission and with what companion. CRAZY. I cannot believe this is my last transfer call! My transfer guess is that Sister K and I will stay here and that Sister Murdoch will go somewhere south. We will see!
So this week was AWESOME! We were able to teach our investigator (the commercial fisherman) lesson 3 with a member at the church and it went really well. We reviewed everything that we taught him in the past and followed up with the commitments we left him. He said that he has been reading and praying every day and that he believes that he got his answer that it is true! How amazing is that? It is so cool to watch how anyone with a humble heart and willingness to change can receive such important answers. He has agreed to be baptized this Saturday! We still have a lot to teach him but he is so ready. We watched conference this weekend at the Barney’s house and he was able to join us for the Sunday morning session. He loved it! Brother Barney is working with him on finalizing the baptism plans. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful ward mission leader.
Conference was amazing to say the least! I don’t know what it is but conference is the best time as missionaries. I know that I have gained a greater appreciation for it while being here. I don’t have as much time as I would like to to share what I learned because of my limited email time but here are a few take-aways:
1. Lynn G. Robbins: “Are we okay with self contentment or self improvement?” “Always remember whose disciples we are.”
2. D. Todd Christofferson (aka my fav apostle and fav talk): “God does not save us just as we are. Things don’t just happen on a whim but by our will. Christ died not to eliminate our personal responsibility but to offer us repentance. A God who makes no demands is equivalent to a God that doesn’t exist. Not believing in gravity won’t keep us from falling of a cliff.”
3. Neil L. Anderson: “You may question  the news but you never need to question the testimony of the prophets.”
4. Eduardo Gavarret: “Can we truly follow the Savior if we do not keep the commandments?”
5. Jeffery R. Holland: “We obtain a remission of our sins by the Savior’s atonement but we retain a remission as we care for the poor.”
6. L. Tom Perry: “The wheat and the tares have grown so close together that we might not tell them apart. We have to separate them.”
 Baaaahhh I am out of time darn it! But I LOVED the Sunday sessions as well. The overall theme I got from them was to FOLLOW THE PROPHET. Times are only going to get harder but if we continue to obey the prophet then I know we will be protected.
One quick funny thing that happened this week:
Sister K is a major sleep talker. It is hilarious!!!! Usually she sleep talks in her native language, Thai. Lately, however, she seems to be having dreams about Koda!!! She loves him so much that she sleep talks about him hahahaha! I guess that is what I get for talking about my cute little pup so much. A couple nights ago I woke up to her saying “No! Don’t eat Koda!”
We also got to help Larry the farmer pick his pumpkins this week so I will include some pictures!
I love you all so much. Thank you for all you do for me! Have a great week!
Sister Cassell
Bunch of Cuties!

Bunch of Cuties!

She has fun everywhere she goes!

She has fun everywhere she goes!


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