Last Transfer Calls

Hello Family!!!

Okay here we go…..I got my last transfer call Saturday night and I am staying right here in Silverdale 6th ward! My new companion is going to be Sister Johnston! She is from Ohio I think. We were in the MTC together and I just love her. I will have more to say about her next week when I know her more but I am excited. 🙂 I think she is the perfect companion for me my last 6 weeks. I have made a lot of goals for myself for my last transfer. I keep coming back to the quote from Elder Holland “If you have got anything else left, you ran it wrong.” I do not want to have anything left in me by the time I go home. I am ready to give it all I have got. You guys are going to have to call an ambulance to pick me up from the airport! Haha just kidding.
So our baptism didn’t happen this week. He needed more time. We hadn’t finished teaching him the lessons yet and we all felt like one more week at church would be good. He called us late Saturday evening and told us that he prayed about it and would like to get baptized this Saturday the 18th! We were SO excited. We announced it at church yesterday and started making the plans! He loved church yesterday. He got to know a lot more members and everyone just LOVES him. He is so sweet and sincere. As requested, here is a little bit more about our dear investigator:
He is 54
has 5 kids (divoriced)
is a captain of a commercial fishing boat
he lives on the water
has a yellow car
we found him knocking but he was in a hurry and we didn’t see him again until 5 weeks later! The first time we saw him again after 5 weeks we taught him the restoration and he was SUPER interested. Ever since that day we have met with him every week at the church with a member present.
Other than that there has not been too much to report on. We have found a couple good potentials and I am excited to see what the next 6 weeks brings! I have been having a BLAST with my companions this week! I love them so much. I am going to miss them. I cried when we got our transfer calls 😦 I have said this before but I will say it again, my companions are the MOST precious things to me from my mission. Every single one of them. I really have been so lucky!
I love you guys and hope you have a good week!
Sister Cassell

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