Miracles Are Happening in Silverbell!!!

Hello my wonderful family!!!

I had an awesome week! Lots of ups and downs but the ups have definitely outweighed the downs! Sister Johnston and I are getting along really well. She is SUCH a good missionary. She is helping a lot with the work here. We both feel like we have soo much to do here before we go. It is exciting! It has been a fun week getting to know her. She was companions with Sister Espy too so that is fun to talk about 🙂 We love our Esp! Here are some things I got to know about my dear Sister Johnsty this week. She is from Toledo Ohio, she was on the drum line at BYU, she is an only child, she goes home with me, she is majoring in Sociology at BYU, she is sweet, funny, and caring.

Okay first things first. Our dear investigator did not get baptized. On the day of his interview he got really scared and worried he was not ready yet. We explained to him that Baptism is the first step but that we would keep teaching him and helping him prepare. It is heartbreaking when you come to love someone and watch them change and they make the decision to postpone. Baptism is the most important thing for him at this time and both sister Johnston and I feel a sense of urgency with him. We have a ton of member support though and he will get there in the Lord’s time. He is still meeting with us weekly, coming to church, reading, and praying. Keep him in your prayers!
On a happier note, we experienced quite a miracle this week! We were in a meeting with our Bishop this week and he told of us this man who has been inactive for over 50 years and has expressed his desire to come back into the church and that he wants his granddaughter to be a part of it. Bishop told us that his grandaughter, is ready to be baptized and be involved in the church. We were so excited to meet this family! The next day we went over and met Brother Collins and he told us his whole story. He expressed that the greatest time in his life was when he was involved in the church and that he wanted it for his grandaughter. She lives with him and has since she was teeny tiny. She is 14 years old. We got to meet her the next day and she is the SWEETEST thing in all the world. She is completely on board with everything and wants so badly to have a church family. We got to give her an overview of everything we would be teaching her and then she proceeded to tell us that she wants to be baptized. She even gave us a picture of her so we could always remember her when we go home. It was the sweetest thing! We got the whole ward involved and when she came to church she was greeted with open arms. The Young Women were able to fellowship her and take her around to all the classes. That night we had a missionary fireside and the Barney’s and a couple of the Young Women brought her and she had such a good experience!
 It was really neat to see how the young women’s testimonies of missionary work grew in just that day. We know that this is going to be such a good experience for all of them. I am truly grateful that the Lord has blessed me enough to let me be a part of this sacred experience. My words cannot express how sweet this week has been for me. This young ladies life will change forever now. Young Women’s was really when I gained my testimony. Sister Johnston and I also taught the lesson in relief society yesterday. The lesson was on sharing the gospel, perfect right? Being able to share with the relief society my experiences of my mission and the pure joy that comes from sharing the gospel was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong and it is really going to be hard to leave this place:( I want to tell you guys that I truly have felt more joy in sharing the gospel than anything else. There is nothing better than sharing with someone this beautiful gospel and helping them home to their Father in Heaven. You literally get to feel the love that the Godhead has for that person. I challenge you to all go out and have a missionary experience this week whether it is going out with the missionaries or telling someone they look beautiful that day. I challenge this to you because I know it will make you happy.
I love you guys, have a good week!
Sister Cassell
Sister Cassell and Sister Johnston 🙂
Sis Cassell and Sis Johnston

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