Happy Halloween

Dear Family,

I have a suuuper busy day today. I have permission from my mission President to figure out school stuff today and next week so I am not sure I will have time to send home the greatest email today. I just want you guys to know that I am alive and well!

This week was awesome. We have spent a lot of time with our investigator and her family. We taught her the Restoration this week and the spirit was the strongest I have felt it in a long time. We invited her to say the closing prayer and as she started crying. We had the Young Women’s President there with us and her daughter and they started crying too! She is on date to be baptized for November 15th! After the lesson she said that she had a special announcement for us. She asked everyone of us in the room to come to her adoption next week. She had talked about it with her grandparents and she really felt like she wanted us there. It was the sweetest thing! We are getting permission to go! Her grandparents are adopting her because she has lived with them ever since she was born.
Everyone else is doing well. We are struggling putting our investigator who cancelled his baptism back on date but he is still taking the discussions with us. The ward trunk-or-treat was this week and that was way fun! Sister Johnston and I dressed up as “traditional sister missionaries”. It was pretty funny! I am so glad we don’t have to dress like that anymore! Our Young Woman investigator and her family came and had a great time.
For Halloween this week we get to spend from 3-8pm with our zone eating and watching movies so I am really looking forward to that! It should be a good time.
I love you all so so very much. I hope I can write more next week!
Sister Cassell
The pictures below are our Halloween costumes and the night our “trunky papers” arrived. For those of you who have no idea what trunky papers are, they are flight and travel information and stuff like that. It means I am going home soon! 😦
Dressed up as 'Missionaries?' for the ward Halloween Party! :)

Dressed up as ‘Missionaries?’ for the ward Halloween Party! 🙂

Trunky Papers!!!

Trunky Papers!!!


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