Love the Navy Base

Hello my dear sweet family and friends!

Here we are, another week has flown by. Sister Johnston and I are both ending our missions here shortly and there will not be any sisters in the 6th ward to replace us:( It is a super depressing thing. Because of that though, we are working SO hard to finish all the work the Lord needs done here. We are working with the members extra hard. We are teaching them how to be missionaries (which they are already great at) and sharing with them the joy we feel while sharing the gospel. It has been such a good experience. We have a goal to meet every member in the entire ward. That is very hard considering we are a Navy ward and people move in and out every week. It has been soooo fun working on the Bangor Navy Base. I had no idea what life was like in the military. It is so hard. The dads are literally never home. It definitely has its benefits but you sure work a LOT. We get to go on base at least once a week and visit all the less active ladies on there. It has truly been such an experience. There are sooo many ladies in our ward who have husbands that are not active or ex-communicated. The wives then fall away and it becomes a big mess for the family. I can’t express the love I have developed for these Navy wives the past 4 months I have been working with them. I have been able to see their desires grow little by little.
Speaking of less actives, we have been doing a lot of that this week as well as active member visits. We are going to keep that as a goal for this coming week as well. It is interesting to get to know these members because each one comes with their own story. I can’t go into too much detail but there is definitely some precious moments I have shared as we teach the gospel to these members who have fallen away. Some of them even came to church this Sunday!!!
Our young woman investigator is doing SO well. She is came to church again this week for the 3rd time. We were also able to meet with her twice this week to teach her more of the lessons. She is so solid. Her grandparents have benefited from the lessons too, her grandpa went in and met with the bishop and now after 50 years of inactivity, he is getting a temple recommend 🙂 Her cute grandma is also taking an interest:) We have had the Barney family at every single lesson and the spirit is always sooo strong. Sister Johnston and I really cannot get over how lucky and blessed we are to share this experience with them and the Barney family. I am so happy words cannot even describe 🙂 She is all set for November 15th. It will be a very special day for them and for the whole ward.
Halloween was fun! We just played games, ate, and watched the Best Two Years. That movie is seriously one of my favorites! It has a whole other meeting now that I have served a mission! I can definitely relate haha.
Love you guys sooo much! I want you to know how happy I am. I am the happiest I have even been and I am taking in every last second of my time here.
Sister Cassell

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