Greetings from Bainbridge Island

This is my view every night when I get home and every morning when I wake up:) For you who know me well, you will understand why I am in complete and utter paradise 🙂 One of the sisters covering Bainbridge Island ward had to go home early for medical purposes. So on Monday we got an unexpected call from President saying that we would now be covering not only our area, but Bainbridge as well. Lets just say that covering two areas (30 mins apart) is a lot harder than it seems. We are doing just fine though and enjoying our new home! We stay part time in Silverdale and part time here on the Island. On the Island, we live with a cute grandma named Marla Vail. I am completely attached. She is just DARLING. We call her Grandma and we are all just one big family. It is kind of nice staying in an actual home again. Her house sits right on the water and you can see Seattle! It is fun to look at when it is all lit up at night. She has these “pet” raccoon’s that she has been feeding for years that wait anxiously every morning and night for their food:) They are soooo cute! There are 11 of them total. We call them the quorum of the 11 raccoon’s. We are enjoying working on Bainbridge and there are some promising people to work with. The members here are incredible. Everyone lives in a fancy rich home! We are getting quite spoiled. I cannot wait to vacation here with you guys! You will LOVE it. It is absolutely beautiful.
Here is my lovely new companionship! It seems as though I just can’t escape trios can I? 😉 I am loving it though. Sister Liao is absolutely adorable. She is 19 years old, from Taiwan, and has been out for a whopping 6 months. She is a bubbly crazy Asain! Haha I love her to death. There is never a dull moment. She is literally the cutest girl in the whole world and a very good missionary. I guess now on top of learning some Cambodian and Thai I get to learn some Mandarin! We are having a blast and working as hard as we can. Sister Johnston has been experiencing some Vertigo for the past couple of days and that has been very rough for her. We are trying to help her with anything we can. We are still taking time to go to Silverdale and teach our young investigator! She is all set to be baptized this Saturday! Remember how I told you about our new investigator last week? Well, we had an awesome lesson with her this week and she is wanting to be baptized on the 22nd! Can you believe it?? God is really blessing Johnston and I to leave our missions with a bang. We have seen sooo many miracles this week that they are too plentiful to mention. I am very grateful for God’s hand in all of this. I have been able to feel the spirit a lot this week and I can feel His love for each of the people we teach. That is truly incredible. There is no greater feeling than feeling God’s love for another person. That is the pure joy I have experienced this week and the past 18 months.
We did exchanges this week with these lovely sisters and we have one more to go! We did a little lunch on this train and that was fun. We are excited for this up-coming week because Elder Snow from the 70 is coming to talk to our mission! I cannot wait to be spiritually fed and uplifted. We have a busy week ahead so I better run but I love you all and want to thank you for all the letters and emails. Sorry if I didn’t cover everything!
Have an awesome week and see you all in 16 days!!!
Sister Cassell

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